E-book production is done right by Northcutt. Northcutt's talented content writers and strategists ensure proper production and marketing of your next e-book. With a quick turnaround time, Northcutt's team can get your next e-book marketed and published ready for download quickly. Now your customers can download your next e-book instantly instead of waiting for months to be published, thanks to our team.

E-Book Vs. Print

An e-book is an all digital version of what used to be a printed product sold exclusively in stores or ordered from a catalog or website. It used to take months for publishers to get hard-copies completed. Not only that, but e-books are economically friendly, and do not waste any trees or energy to make at all. Customers can now view e-books easily on their computer desktops, tablets, or mobile phones in mere seconds. No bookstores, no paper, packing or shipping to worry about!

You can even offer your customers bonuses in case you want them to receive a little something extra when they download. And best of all, e-books are great for your customers because they do not take up any space to store them like traditional books used to; they will not be forgotten in a pile somewhere and they will not take up the weight as they can be transported anywhere.

E-Book Publishing

Let Northcutt take the guesswork out of writing and publishing for you. Let your customers see your e-book on your website as packaged content for them; e-books have a higher perceived value than newsletters that way. Northcutt producing your e-book will let you or anyone on your company's team is perceived as an author or publisher, putting you in a whole other light and giving you the credibility you deserve. When you have credibility, you will be seen as the authority figure on the subject of your e-book, and most importantly, be trusted by your customer base.

E-Book Marketing

Northcutt is here from beginning to completion, tracking the success of your next e-book production, marketing, and making sure your business thrives. Northcutt's strategists will market your e-book to various outlets on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, where your e-book can receive attention and be shared across the internet. Let Northcutt help you grow your follower base, email lists, and more with our marketing strategy to ensure your e-book gets a proper amount of downloads and your business can grow. Northcutt will speak your customer's language with up-to-date Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, applying search engine trends, search engine indexing requirements, and keyword analytics.

Northcutt has e-book production handled for you. Applying state-of-the-art marketing, killer content, and industry knowledge. Save the time and hassle out of writing, producing, and marketing your next e-book and let Northcutt do it for you.

E-Book Production Ideas

That's enough talk for now. We'd rather demonstrate what we know about e-book production.

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