How to Create and Market an Ebook: 6 Expert Tips

Amy Brueckman    By under Ebook Marketing.

If you're a content expert looking to branch out of traditional blog posts, an ebook is a great option for reaching out to your audience. Sure, the research and writing can take a significant amount of time, but the end result is well worth it. You'll have a well organized, knowledgeable, and an audience-engaging piece of content that's highly shareable.

So... where to begin?

This month, we asked experts for their best tips on creating and marketing an ebook to drive leads.

How to Create and Market an Ebook: 6 Expert Tips 1
Prior to creating your ebook, do a bit of research on the topics that do well in your blog. This serves two purposes: 1. identify the topic which your audience will most likely appreciate and download and; 2. ensure that you have enough blogs to associate your ebook through CTAs.

After publishing your ebook, you have to ensure that many people will see it. As mentioned before, associate it with as many related blog posts as possible. Create multiple CTAs and place them in the middle and at the end of the articles (You may also experiment with slide in or pop up CTAs). If you find that you don't have enough blogs to link your ebook to, create new blogs and promote them. Re-promote your old blog posts if they are still relevant today.

Dai Carillo, PureB2B


How to Create and Market an Ebook: 6 Expert Tips 2

Ebooks can be an incredible tool for acquiring and nurturing leads, but not without significant time and energy put into research, creation, and distribution--notice I used and, not or; it has to be all three.  Your team might have done thorough research on the audience and topic at hand and created a beautifully-crafted informational document, but without a distribution plan, nobody will see it. The same is true on the opposite end of the spectrum; your team might be phenomenal at digital advertising, with stellar headlines that are sure to get noticed but if they are little more than clickbait with generic content on the other side, you'll lose the leads as quickly as they came in.

Start with one main goal and develop a strategy that will get you from research and creation, beyond distribution, and through to lead nurturing. Ensure everything is aligned along the way. Ads need to carry forth the same message as the landing page and the book itself. Email nurture sequences should relay content similar in nature. Your target market is way to smart for a bait-and-switch!

Kindi Lantz, FreeLantz


How to Create and Market an Ebook: 6 Expert Tips 3

A good idea is to publish your ebook on Amazon KDP Select and add links pointing to your website in your content.

KDP Select is a self-publishing platform that's free and easy to use, and it can help you reach thousands of potential customers because Amazon has so many users.

You can schedule free promotions of your ebook to attract more eyeballs to your brand, or even register your ebook on Kindle Unlimited so that subscribers to this service can download it for free.

Offering your ebook for free on such a massive platform actually is a great strategy to spread the word about your business

Gregory Golinski,


How to Create and Market an Ebook: 6 Expert Tips 4

My best tip for creating and marketing an ebook to drive leads is to create something that your audience is really interested in, which should tie to whatever it is that you're offering. So your audience may really love avocado toast, but unless you're selling an avocado toast ebook, that's not the topic you want to choose.

From there, think about what facet of that topic your audience most wants to know about, so you're not going too simple for them but also not writing over their heads. Consider how long you'd like the ebook to be in order to get your point across and provide value to the reader.

Once your ebook has been written, edited, and designed, it's time to market it! You'll want to make sure the ebook is prominently featured as an opt-in on your website, you're posting about it on social media, and maybe even running some PPC campaigns to drive traffic to a landing page that offers just your ebook (don't drive them to your homepage and expect them to find it!). You might also make mention of it or link to it from blogs that you write. Really, the possibilities for sharing it are as endless as the marketing channels that currently exist - both online and offline!

Shannon Howard, Overit


How to Create and Market an Ebook: 6 Expert Tips 5

As we all know you need to create really valuable content for your audience - that's why I'm not gonna focus on that. Design is one of the most important things you can focus on. It's the visual power of storytelling, the way you build and craft your ideas. I believe that consumers are picky in 2018, they look for beautiful products and something truly different on the market. That's exactly the same way with your eBook. It will 10x improve your chances to share the link with a friend, audience or add it in an email blast just because they loved the newsletter.

Vlad Calus, Planable


How to Create and Market an Ebook: 6 Expert Tips 6

One of the most important tips I have for those looking to create and market an eBook to drive leads would be to first have a crystal clear idea of what path your leads are going to take, and how your eBook first into that journey. I've encountered a lot of eBooks that solve the same problem as the product, service, etc. that you're trying to sell, in which case your product/service will no longer be needed. Another important thing to remember is to not develop an eBook that solves problems too far off from the problems associated with your service/products, which will result in subscribers not being interested in your products/services.

My best tip for those looking to create and market an eBook to drive leads is to involve influencers or thought-leaders in the process of developing your eBook. Since these influencers and thought-leaders have their own audiences and will likely promote the eBook if they've contributed, you can multiply your reach pretty significantly.

Bob Clary, BobClary