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It's 2020 and we're in a content marketing arms race. Have you noticed? In the 2000s, it was good enough to be the only brand that put certain words on their website. Those words ranked in Google. Buyers had few alternatives to comparison shop. In 2015, it was estimated that 2 million blog posts were written every day. Content marketing has grown up and its left many in the dust. Brand content and storytelling runs deeper now. Ebooks, frequently sliced into SEO-optimized blog posts, are one of the best ways to produce that deeper content.

Example Campaign Process for Ebook Marketing

Northcutt gets ebook marketing done efficiently. Here's how it works.

Ebook Creation

  1. Collaborative Brainstorming
  2. Ebook Outline
  3. Ebook Draft
  4. Ebook Proof
  5. Document Design

Ebook Promotion

  1. Ebook-Specific Email Funnel
  2. Press Release Announcement
  3. Keyword-Optimized Repurposed Blog Posts
  4. Infographic Summary
  5. Syndication to Infographic Sites

Ebook Marketing Ideas

Let us demonstrate what we know about ebook marketing.

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