The Art of Re-writing Great Content

under Content Strategy.

Re-Writing Great Content
There's an incredible wealth of information available on the net. Experts in every field imaginable share their knowledge and advice via blogs, social media and interactive websites. Great content takes time to prepare. It's a lengthy process that involves in-depth research, sometimes creating multiple drafts, proofreading and editing and then a final once over to ensure that all is credible, legible and grammatically correct.

If you've got the amount of time this takes to throw at every post you put on the web, then you're sure to be the envy of a number of web content writers. If you, on the other hand, don't have endless hours in the day to sit and mull over a blog post, then you're likely to want to read this. There's a much easier way to create first-rate, engaging content that will have your readers rapt.

Source Relevant Content to Base Your Work On

You need something to base your work on, so the best place to start is with the industry greats. Follow them on Twitter, sign up for RSS feeds and alerts, use aggregation services to pull all the content you're looking for into one place. You want real-time updates from those whose opinions really make a difference within your market. All your research is there, you just need to choose the best pieces (or bits of each of the best pieces) and use this insight to create a foundation for your piece.

Create an Awe-inspiring Headline that Attracts Attention

Re-work the headline of your post so that it encapsulates everything you're writing about. You could also go so far as to get other people's input on how they think the post should be titled. It needs to do the following:
• Draw the user in
• Summarize the post content
• Give enough information about the post to intrigue, but not enough to give it away
• Have people champing at the bit to find out more

Spend some time playing around with different headlines and see what stirs up the most readership. Split testing is a great way to find out what's working and what's not.

Get Writing - in Your Own Words

You've got the inspiration; you've got the headline, now get to work and create your masterpiece. Write from the perspective of your business and offer your personal take on the information you've gathered. Make it something that means something to you and your audience and relate it to a specific need within your market.

Any blog post can be interpreted in a number of different ways, based on the perspective the reader takes. Effectively, you could turn one source into 10 different pieces, simply by giving it a new, engaging headline and re-writing it from your vantage point. We're not saying that plagiarism is cool, in fact, we're saying trust the industry greats, use the research that's available to you and adapt it to suit your niche.