Stop Guest Posting, Start Buying Proven Talent

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Stop Guest Posting, Start Buying Proven Talent 1Still throwing money and resources at guest posts? There's no denying it works, or that it's tried and true. But is it really the best way to collaborate in order to build links, attention, traffic, and customer retention? Doubtful.

The trouble with guest posting is that it treats content as a cost. More specifically: the cost of a link. A single link. But I don't think content is a cost, I think it's an asset. An asset that should keep giving and giving for a very long time. I think content should be a golden goose for your business. And I think there's a very effective, simple, proven way to use it to attract natural links.

Pay a blogger who already earns natural links for every single post they write.

Buying Links the Natural Way

Investing in content and praying for links sounds like the risky alternative to a trustworthy method like writing up a guest post, but the truth is the polar opposite, provided you know what you're doing.

If you have your doubts, you're probably coming in with the wrong mindset. Stop thinking about all the times you tried to get an infographic off the ground and it failed to grab attention. Stop thinking about all the high quality content on your blog that hasn't earned a single natural link.

Start thinking about what would happen if you paid Seth Godin to write a guest post on your blog.

Is it sinking in now?

Pay the right people to produce content for your site, and you will get links. The reason so few SEOs can convince themselves of this is because they're used to turning to oDesk or Monster or, if they're really edgy, LinkedIn, to find a copywriter. But if you start approaching the hunt for content producers the same way you approach the hunt for guest blogging opportunities, things are going to start looking a lot less risky, and fast.

Yes, You Can Predict the Success of Natural Link Building Efforts

It's simple. On average, how many natural links does the blogger in question earn for every post they write? What is the quality of those links. How about any guest posts they've written for other blogs? How many extra links do they tend to earn in comparison with a typical post on those blogs? That is the average number of links you can expect to earn when they write a post for you.

Work with somebody who consistently earns natural links, and you'll earn natural links.

It's a bit odd that this idea sounds so revolutionary.

There are a number of reasons you should be employing this tactic, and now:

  • Virtually guaranteed links: completely natural ones
  • If AuthorRank takes off, you get to borrow it
  • Instantaneous trust from the author's followers
  • Virtually guaranteed social activity
  • Referral traffic
  • A chance to build links from the content creator's website, and their other properties

Are the opportunities obvious yet?

(For the record, guest posting's still worth doing, I just think it should make up less than half of your link building efforts.)

Image credit: Chris Wightman