Introducing a New Medium

under Content Strategy.

Just when you thought you'd signed up to all the social media platforms, along comes another one. Introducing Medium; the latest sharing, blogging and discovery platform brought to you from the makes of Twitter and Blogger - The Obvious Corporation. With such influential names behind this social network, it's not difficult to be even remotely interested in what it has to offer.

What is Medium?

Medium is a publishing platform that's still in beta phase, but even in its beginnings it holds the promise of something that could alter the way we currently create, manage and use information. It's linked to your Twitter account, so provided you have one of those, you can create a Medium account here straight away. The tagline that welcomes you to their initial rationale is: "We're rethinking publishing and building a new platform from scratch."

Although they're still figuring things out as they go along, you get the idea that it's an area where you can share, take part, write, contribute, appreciate and enjoy all that's happening within this space. Now that the platform is open, anyone can sign up, but not everyone will have a license to share anything just yet. They're still using their current user base and their experiences thereto as a method of education that'll help them fine tune the mechanics; clearly wanting the space to be properly defined before welcoming the outside world to fully take part.

"Our philosophy is that quality begets quality, so we will grow Medium smartly, ensuring that our platform is valuable to everyone in this increasingly mobile, connected, and noisy world."

What's The Deal With Medium?

Medium is giving people the platform to express themselves, as they do on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and personal blogs, except the difference is the way it's structured. You can post personal items, but you don't have to be a blogger to do so. You can post photos, but you don't need to create an album or board first. You don't need to follow people and you don't need to subscribe to feeds. Medium allows you the space the conduct yourself freely by posting content to collections, that could also be referred to as categories.

You simply need to join in on the surrounding chatter. Joshua Benton of put it particularly well when he said: "Medium doesn't want you to read something because of who wrote it; Medium wants you to read something because of what it's about. And because of the implicit promise that Medium = quality."

It has the content appeal of Blogger, the carefree expressive appeal of Facebook, combined with the image appreciation of Pinterest... in one space. Does that sound like a recipe for something that can work? I have a feeling that the people behind this initiative are set to revolutionise the way we use content on the web, or at least make a daring attempt to do so. At the moment it's all a bit up in the air, but as of the 12th of August 2012, the process of unveiling began so we can expect to see rapid evolution within the next few months. It's clear they don't want to divulge too much too soon, but they'll have to make a go of it soon to keep the promiscuous world of online addicts intrigued. Stay tuned for further updates.