How Often Should Businesses Blog?

Nick Greene    By under Content Strategy.

calenderToday, we're going to address what may well be one of the most common questions in blogging. It relates to quantity. In essence, how can you tell if you're writing too much (or if you aren't writing enough)?

On the surface, the answer to that question seems fairly cut-and-dry: write as much as you can without causing the quality of your writing to fall off. That could be several pieces a week, or it could be one or two pieces a month. Easy; right?

Not really.

The truth is a little more complicated, and if you ask six different bloggers, you're liable to receive six different answers. There are some who will swear you should be writing at least two to four articles per week, with half going to your blog and the other half as guest posts. Others will insist that you should throw yourself into your work right at the beginning, working until you've got at least a hundred or so articles on your website - at which point it's time for link building. Still more will maintain that you shouldn't bother worrying about quantity, and just write.

Who's right?

Thing is, they're all right. Which choice is the best for you depends entirely on your audience, what you're writing, and your own writing capabilities. To be completely honest, quantity doesn't matter as much as consistency. If you're writing a single piece a week and posting it at 8 AM every Friday, then you're already on the right track. Same deal if you're putting together four articles a day and posting them around noon.

Consistency is the most important factor - not quantity.

That isn't to say that post quantity isn't important, though. Like it or not, how many pieces you produce a week will still have an impact on your readership, no matter how consistent you are. With that in mind, let's go over a few factors that'll help you determine how often you want to write.

One generally accepted fact is that - especially when you're first starting out - it's far more important that you produce regular content, and that you write only the highest-quality pieces. It's also accepted by most sides that guest posts, link building and social networking are all incredibly important for the growth of your blog - just as much, some might argue, as what the blog itself contains.

Post length is also a factor. If you're writing short, fun, list-style tidbits, you're naturally going to be posting more articles than if you're composing in-depth editorials.  The longer your articles, the fewer of them you're going to want to write in a typical week.

Last but certainly not least, you need to think about what you're covering with your blog. Consider carefully how 'heavy' your content is. Do you frequently deal with topics deep enough that your readers might be burnt out if they had to digest more than one or two pieces a week?

Ultimately, there's no 'magic number' that'll guarantee you readers. The best thing you can do - the best advice I can give you - is to find what works for you; create a schedule and stick to it.

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