Estimating The Ideal Time Of Day For Your Blog Posts

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Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comTiming is everything - and that's doubly true when you're running a blog. Post at the right time and your traffic will surge as hordes of people access and share your content. Post at the wrong time of day, and there's a good chance no one's going to see your articles at all.

It's no secret that humans are creatures of habit, after all. We tend to work in patterns - meaning we do most of our computing over specific timeframes.  With that in mind...what is the right time to post?

Check The Stats

According to research carried out by KISS Metrics, people tend to most frequently read blogs during the morning - with views steadily tapering off as the day goes on. The best day to post a blog in terms of traffic is on Monday, while the best day in terms of engagement is Saturday. In all cases, 11 AM seems to be the 'magic number' in terms of post time (or 9 AM for comments).

Alright, we've got the info dump out of the way. What exactly should we be taking away from this? Does this mean Monday morning is the only time you should ever make a blog post?

Not exactly.

See, in the very same infographic, it explains that posting during high-activity hours means posts have a tendency to get buried beneath all the noise, and all content in general has a higher bounce rate as a result. Consequently, posting during low hours makes it easier to promote a post, and to see it rise to prominence. Not only that, there's your own personal figures to consider - remember that the research above just took stock of the averages.

Check Your Traffic

"Knowing which day of the week and what time of day your readers are visiting your blog is something you'll want to be keenly aware of," explains Shilpa Pandya of Hubspot. Pandya strongly advocates setting up a Day of Week report with Google Analytics - that'll help you work out when people most frequently visit your blog. Even better, you can also double check hourly traffic - meaning you can nail down exactly when people are reading.

With that insight, you can work out exactly when you should post, create a schedule, and stick to it.

Look At The Social Side Of Things

There's also one more thing you should consider - what social networks you're planning to share to. Just as there's an ideal time for posting a blog, there's also a perfect window for submitting it to social media. To that end, there's really only one rule - weekends at 12 and 6 are your best bet.

Of course, the good thing about putting stuff on Facebook or Twitter is that you don't necessarily need to worry about when you put your posts on your website - you can always schedule stuff to be shared after it's posted, after all.

It's All About Timing

From a content marketing perspective, timing is incredibly important. Post when you're getting plenty of traffic, and you'll be rewarded with more readers, more engagement, and an overall better blog. Should you fail to account for timing, however?

You might as well just resign yourself to obscurity right now.

Image credit: Jon Sullivan