5 Examples Of Evergreen Content That Attract Traffic and Links

Katherine Stott    By under Content Strategy.

Evergreen-Content-NorthcuttWe're back to the content discussion and how to make the most of it to get users and traffic into your site. It's all a matter of having something to offer, a little piece of information that people need or that fascinating piece that is always a point of reference. However you look at it, determining what content is going to draw the numbers and keep the flow of traffic coming in weeks and months down the line, is always a great point to ponder. But ponder no more! We're here to detail a number of different content types that will have users knocking on your website door, hopefully in droves, maybe in trickles, but they'll definitely come a knocking!

The thing with "evergreen" content is that it offers a purpose long after it's been published with only small updates and amends to keep it current as time goes on. I think of this article I read years ago on how to claim Google Authorship and implement rel=author. It was written long before there were any other resources and it was the most helpful piece of information I had read on the subject. Years later, Blind Five Year Old has kept the post going with updates as and when they are relevant. He also still responds to the number of comments her receives and it's still shared widely across the web.

This is what we mean by evergreen content. It's still relevant, it still comes up in search results as a solution to a problem, and it still assists in that area.

So how do you come up with evergreen content for your niche? Here are some great examples of how to tackle that problem.

1. Interviews With Experts / Celebrities

Everyone loves to hear the opinions of others; it's human nature to be intrigued by this. But add in the opinions of a celebrity of industry authority on a given subject within your niche, and you've certainly got the attention of a large percentage of your potential web users. Once the interview has been published, you'll find that the person interviewed will also no doubt share it with his or her followers, amplifying the potential for coverage.

2. Monthly Or Annual Synopses

Our monthly resource round-ups are really popular within our field because they give everyone a summary of what went down during the last few weeks within our niche. They keep people informed and do the "dirty work" for those who don't feel the inclination to do the research themselves. The same can be said for annual synopses within any category or niche.

A great way of bringing more value to these posts is to involve a number of other people and make it a short summation of industry expert's opinions of the year that past. If you work in the telecommunications industry, it might be a post on the Telecommunication Trends for 2013 And Predictions For 2014. Presenting a line up of CEOs and technical gurus from the industry with their insight into the subject not only acts as link bait (as with the first point, said CEOs and experts will no doubt link back to your article and share it on their networks) but also acts as a resource for people to refer back to year after year.

3. How-to Guides

The Internet is a haven for solutions, answers and guidance. Anyone who is looking to learn something will look to the web and you have to be there to help them with their questions. Blind Five Year Old has given us the perfect example in this area: how-to guides are absolute gold when it comes to attracting traffic, shares and links, but only if they're written really well. Your content has to scream brilliance and really offer solution to people's problems, if you can get this right, you'll be winning your way to the top of results for how-to guides.

4. Factual Information About A Given Place, Thing or Time

If you have the insight into a local historical monument, an event that happened in your area 100 years ago or perhaps the evolution of a certain era, you've got your hands on quality content that - for argument's sakes - shouldn't ever need to change. History has already taken place, so unless new evidence is unveiled that counteracts your claims, your content can simply sit and gain maturity, links, shares and hopefully help people with an interest in the subject. Perhaps there is some history on your office block or the street you work on... something tangible that can be transformed into thought-provoking material?

5. Tips And Tricks

Think about how you found your way around your new iPhone or tablet and the many hours you spent figuring things out. If you could bottle all that information and feed it to someone they would automatically take on that brilliance in a matter of seconds. The same can be said for really well thought out posts on tips and tricks around a certain subject. Whether it is the best tips to help you with your tax submission or the top tips on how to beat Candy Crush, you can help hoards of people with your personal insight. This borders very close on how-to guides, but there is a difference. This is more than step-by-step information, it's like the FAQs to everything everyone ever wanted to know about beating Candy Crush. Find a similar avenue in your niche... how can you make someone else's life easier with what you already know?