Content Marketing Timing: Why It Matters

Corey Northcutt    By under Content Marketing.

Time. It may very well be the one resource in this universe that we can never get back.

I spent some of mine catching up on SEOmoz today, and came across this Whiteboard Friday where Rand talks about the factors that make content go viral. The whole thing is pretty useful (and not too painfully long), but the tangent at the end on timing your publishing particularly caught my attention.

So, here are three simple contributions that I am adding to making the most of your time, while hopefully taking up as little of it as possible.

  1. Schedule: At this most recent SES Chicago, how important it is to keep schedules was talked about more than a little. Simply scheduling blog posts as regular publications more than doubled one presenters' traffic, and tools like the publisher in HootSuite Pro (which lets you queue up streams of social postings) have become must-haves. Use them.Content Marketing Timing: Why It Matters 1
  2. Optimize:Content spreads far better at certain times than others. It's subjective to your audience, to the mediums that you publish through (by they your blog, a newswire, or Facebook), and by the very nature of your content. There are common rules (for example, you'd be safe to pretty much never send out a press release on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), but in many cases, don't be so sure. This is where audience intelligence tools like Crowdbooster can really help you out. Test everything, test often, and act on results.crowdbooster
  3. Trim: Content marketing is very effective, but we have too much of it. Many less-scrupulous SEO's will buy text by the word these days as their one and only consideration. After I write a piece of content, I step away. I come back later to fix typos and reword, but I also to remove every single word that was unnecessary in making my points. If you can say what you meant in half the time (without sounding like a caveman), your writing will almost definitely be more effective. That means more shares, more links, more traffic, and more sales.

And with that, I'll cease taking up your time today.. (unless you're one of those poor souls that pays for customized versions of these rants).