9 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

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Tips for building better content
It sounds rather obvious; creating perfectly timed, influential content that captivates your readers is at the core of any content marketing plan. The best part is that you don't need to be an award winning writer to make it happen, you just need to create content that keeps your readers engrossed. Here are a few ideas on how best to do that:

1. Search through Similar Sites For Inspiration

Using the Internet to stir up inspiration for your content doesn't mean you're inept at doing your job. It merely shows that you're digitally savvy and know how to use the resources at your disposal. Sift through similar sites to get ideas for possible content plans, blogs or articles. Whatever works for your competitors can work for you; provided you don't copy them word for word.

2. Interview an Industry Specialist

Interviews with industry specialists provide engaging content for users to read, but they also allow you to sit back and do minimal work. All you need to do is compile a list of interesting questions that relate to the needs of your readers and voila! Your interviewee will answer them for you with rich, informative content and provide a little link bait for your site at the same time.

3. Engage with Your Readers by Setting up a Survey

Find out exactly what your readers are into by asking them. An online survey provides an engagement tool for your users to interact with at the same time as feeding you valuable information about what your readers want to read.

4. Showcase Case Studies

Whether they're good or bad, highlighting market related case studies is a great way to build content around your niche. It also helps your readers see what they're doing right or wrong in their respective roles in a totally subjective way.

5. Write a Review

Find something within your niche market that would be interesting to review. Think along the lines of apps, software or websites if you're dealing with the world of digital, or products and services that relate to your industry.

6. Assemble a Collection of your Best Past Content

You've no doubt hit the nail on the head a few times in your content marketing past, so reliving the glory days isn't a bad idea. Compile a list of all your favorite or most successful posts and put them together into a "greatest hits revival" post.

7. Keep an Eye on Google Trends

Use Google Trends to get ideas for great content. Keeping your posts in line with what's trending will stir up interest, keep you ahead of the pack and make it more viable to rank.

8. Use Personal Experience to add Emotion to your Content

When we talk about adding emotion, we don't mean adding drama, but rather a simple human element. Writing from an angle of personal experience makes your content easier to relate to and more digestible.

9. Have Fun

It doesn't matter what industry you work in, if you're not enjoying what you do then you're doing something wrong! Make sure that whatever you write about, you're having fun while doing it. Use your instincts, play around with ideas, experiment with different tactics and document your findings. If you're constantly and earnestly looking for new ways to enhance your content, you'll find a million and one ways to do it.