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A Digital Marketing Flywheel

Every great digital marketing effort combines three things. It doesn’t matter if the brand is B2B or B2C.  E-Commerce or brick & mortar.  They are: Foundation Funnel Flywheel Everything our agency does revolves around this, and today, we’re talking flywheels.  How we build them.  And how you can build one for your business too (with…

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Developing Content Guidelines [Tactic Tuesday]

Most companies fully understand their content needs to be good. Content strategies that fail typically do so on the systemic level. Processes, audiences, and goals are ill-defined. Fixing this starts with a clear set of content guidelines. Use the template below to get a concrete start on your own. The Purpose of Content Guidelines Develop a clear…

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How To Structure And Use A Content Calendar [Tactic Tuesday]

Let’s talk about why you need a content calendar, how ours are put together, and a bit about viewing them as part of a larger process. Download our content calendar Excel template here. (The example posts are fake. This is obvious, but yes, they are.) Why You Need A Content Calendar Your team, clients, and…

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How We Multiplied Traffic by 5X in a Month using One Piece of Content

In July, I shared an update an update that foreshadowed a pivot around here. One where we would focus more on web traffic. I also shared our own traffic graph spanning the course of four years. Here it is again: It goes up, which I’d expect from well-executed content marketing. When you publish and promote…

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Bridging The Gap Between Content Marketing And Web Design

A piece written by Business 2 Community’s Ashley Taylor Anderson recently piqued my interest. It concerns a divide that all-too-often happens in the world of web marketing. I’m speaking, of course, about the antagonism that frequently rises between web designers and content creators. I’ve spent my fair share of time working with web designers. For…

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5 Reasons We’re So Obsessed With List Headlines

If you look at the most popular articles online at any given moment, there’s a very good chance that they’re of two kinds: news and lists. For some reason, we’re completely obsessed with compartmentalizing our information, splitting it into easily-digestible, numbered lists. Today, I’d like to examine why. What exactly is it about the list…

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A Look At The Fine Art Of Short Form Content

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – we’re living in a culture of distraction. The attention span of the modern user is shorter than ever before, clocking in at an average of 8.25 seconds as of 2015. Comprehensive marketing pitches and exhaustive articles are rapidly becoming a thing of the past; it’s…

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Five Content Creation Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Believe it or not, content creation isn’t simply a matter of sitting down and hammering out whatever comes to mind. There’s actually a sort of science to it, meaning it can be a pretty difficult process if you go in without knowing what you’re doing. There are plenty of areas where you can stumble –…

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Want To Be A Better Content Creator? Devise A Creation Process

As I established in a previous piece, everyone’s creative process is a little bit different. I’m a night owl, myself – I do my best work to music when most decent people are asleep. Figuring out your own unique approach to content creation is vital if you’re to succeed. That isn’t the only thing you…

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Five Tools You Can Use To Improve Your Writing

I’m of the mind that no matter how good you are, there’s room for improvement. There’s always something you could be doing more efficiently, more effectively, or more skillfully. If you don’t spend every day trying to better yourself, you’re stagnating. What I’m trying to say is that as a content creator, you should always…

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