2012: Year of the Electric Spider Monkey

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spider monkey

We're just a few weeks into 2012 now, and already so much is in motion in the search and content marketing world.  I've always loved new years, I think because I've always loved breaking from routine.  For better or for worse, it seems like those resolutions are what's required to make some people stop for a moment and actually look around.  It's not their fault; we live in a society that depends desperately on you being a lifeless drone.  Having you always grinding away at something meaningless is its greatest defense against what you might do otherwise, despite the fact that too much repetition makes your brain physically stop working.

So here's my professional challenge for the year:  taking all of these ideas an ambitions, executing a good bit of them, but, only the ones that are value-added for Northcutt and our clients.  That meant training a spider monkey named Carl to wield a taser and use it on me each time that I go off starting to write some crazy software I'll never finish, selling some crazy wholesale SEO service, or starting a web site dedicated to the dangers of reckless monkey training (hasn't the new Planet of the Apes taught us anything?).

While you might not have Carl, you do have the ability to take all of your dreams and ambitions and do something with them.  The Internet is still a baby and there's no shortage of opportunity for those that pick a good idea and stick with it.  I've found that the latter is always the harder part.  And in my case, though I've done SEO for ~10 years, if you asked me then, I'd of said that worked in the web hosting industry and simply did SEO.  2012 will mean establishing a name in a new industry via case studies and guest editorials.