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Get More Blog Traffic Using Epic Content: A Case Study

In July, I shared an update an update that foreshadowed a pivot around here. One where we would focus more on web traffic. I also shared our own traffic graph spanning the course of four years. Here it is again: It goes up, which I’d expect from well-executed content marketing. When you publish and promote…

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How a Small Hot Dog Shop (Almost) Started the Hot Dog Emoji 1

How a Small Hot Dog Shop (Almost) Started the Hot Dog Emoji

UPDATE: Hot dog emoji will be part of iOS 9.1. Read more information on the monumental decision here. Thanks to everyone who made this happen! A good idea is often the lucky result of a chain of random events and just the right amount of motivation to see it through. And maybe, just maybe, a couple of beers…

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The First Four Years of an SEO Agency

Northcutt always had written in our manual that we believe in transparency. Despite this, it’s been almost two years since I last posted a major company update.   I could give excuses about how much structuring, staffing, and early stage systems design took priority. What matters is that I’m ready to stand behind those words again…

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Growing from Zero to Agency 2

Growing from Zero to Agency

Most businesses fail. Specifically, Harvard Business School estimates 95 percent of new businesses fail, if failure is defined as failure to meet a set projection. That rate is closer to 70-80 percent if failure is defined as inability to get an adequate return on investment. But, still. Most businesses fail. Stage 1: A New Chapter…

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MozCon 2012 and One Awesome Milestone in Review 3

MozCon 2012 and One Awesome Milestone in Review

Last week SEOmoz wrapped up their 2012 MozCon inbound marketing conference in Seattle.  I understand that not everyone can budget or make time to make it out to these things, nor may they have the experience to put much of what’s said at these events into context.   So, I started out with the intent…

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2012: Year of the Electric Spider Monkey 4

2012: Year of the Electric Spider Monkey

We’re just a few weeks into 2012 now, and already so much is in motion in the search and content marketing world.  I’ve always loved new years, I think because I’ve always loved breaking from routine.  For better or for worse, it seems like those resolutions are what’s required to make some people stop for…

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Google Certified Partner Status 5

Google Certified Partner Status

Chicago, Illinois, November 14, 2011 – Northcutt, a leading Chicago SEO and online marketing consulting firm has achieved a company-wide certification for advanced search marketing and officially attained partner status with Google’s AdWords program. To achieve the notable status of Google AdWords Certified Partner, Northcutt successfully passed a rigorous set of search engine marketing exams…

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