Roundup: November 2019's Best Digital Tactics

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It's time for November 2019's roundup! Each month, we search out the best and most relevant inbound marketing content on the internet. Feel free to head directly to a specific section by clicking on the appropriate link below or scroll through to enjoy the entire roundup at your leisure.

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The Problem With Image Search Traffic

Some find image search useless. Data is simply misunderstood. This piece brilliantly explains it all.  

How to Write a Blog Post That Ranks High: 13 Steps for Writing SEO Articles (plus, high-speed video)

Totally digging this Bob Ross-style how-to on writing a blog post that ranks. The article will get you ready to put your content wig on. 

This Is What Happens When You Accidentally De-Index Your Site from Google

Jeff Baker explains here, in his words, what actually happens when you accidentally de-index your site from Google. *Gasps*

Misquoted and misunderstood: Why many in the search community don't believe the WSJ about Google search

Barry Schwartz penned this article in response to the now-infamous Wall Street Journal article. Read it and tell me what you think.

What Is BERT? - Whiteboard Friday

You've heard of BERT, but what is it? Find out in Britney Muller's thorough explanation.

SEO Keyword Research: 13 of the Biggest Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Have you found yourself making any of these SEO keyword research mistakes? Do you agree with the article? Let us know. 

It's Content and It's Links - Are We Making SEO Too Complicated?

"So why do we seem to overcomplicate SEO by chasing new trends and tactics, overreacting to fluctuations in rankings, and obsessing over the length of our title tags?"

Here's how to leverage long-tail keywords for your SEO

It's important to reach for every opportunity out there when it comes to keyword research. Learn how to leverage opportunities for long-tail keywords for SEO. 

SEO best practices support ADA compliance for digital accessibility

What does it take to be ADA compliant for SEOs? Look at what you should do and who you should be collaborating with. 

Here's Why Inclusive Web Design with SEO Wins 2020

Inclusive web design secures new SEO opportunities and will continue to in 2020. Learn how to include the tactic into your strategy. 


Content Marketing 

25+ Unique Blog Post Ideas to Engage Your Readers

As a content marketer, you need to be unique in order to gain a competitive advantage. Find out about these cool ideas to give you the advantage.   

4 Ways to Create Content Your Digital Audience Can't Help But Consume

Consumable content goes outside the lines when you go digital. Learn some of the ways you can create some killer content. 

The One Way to Stand Out in the Crowd of Content

How does one stand out amongst a sea of content? Hear the story, originated from a Content Marketing World presentation. 

Marketing 2030: 7 Laws for Content Marketing Success

What does it take to be a successful content marketer? Read these 7 "laws." 

Identifying Content Marketing Trends to Enhance Your 2020 Strategy

"A great marketing strategy cannot be built on bare assumptions, especially when it comes to content." Here's how to use the content marketing trends of 2020 to your advantage. 

How to Promote Your Old Evergreen Content: 5 Tips

Evergreen content can give you a leg-up when it comes to promoting your business. Here are five tips for promoting old evergreen content.  

How to Write, Design & Promote an Ebook: A Complete Guide

From research to design to promotion, and beyond, use this guide to your advantage. 


Social Media

8 Little-Known Instagram SEO Techniques for Increasing Reach 


Many on social media marketers don't think of SEO when it comes to Instagram but these Instagram SEO techniques will help you increase reach. 


Stop Wanting to Be Liked (Instagram Is Doing It For You Anyway)

Instagram is rolling out changes this month that take away likes from being visible on your feed. How will this affect you?

6 Expert Tips For Holiday Season Social Media Campaigns
The holiday shopping season is in full swing. We asked the experts, "What are your best social campaign strategies for the holiday season?" 

How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Content  

Facebook ads are the cornerstone of online marketing. So, why not promote your content using Facebook marketing? Here's how to go about it.  

Instagram Launches IGTV Series Tools: What Marketers Need to Know

Explore new tools to help creators start their own IGTV series.

Twitter Introduces Conversation Insights and Upcoming Features for 2020
2020 comes lots of new changes, including new features for Twitter. Learn how these changes can impact your social media marketing in 2020. 

5 Ways to Dominate Social Media Marketing in 2020
"Even if these changes do not seem to apply directly to your brand, they underscore the point that social media marketers tend to operate on rented land."




9 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

These email marketing tactics will be worthwhile in 2020. 

Email marketing: It's the audience, stupid

As a marketer, you want to make your email marketing about the people. Here's how to go about it. 

Four Ways Psychology and Email Marketing Tie Into Each Other

Next time you're about to send an email out, consider how psychology plays a role in these email-marketing elements.

How To Create An Outstanding Email Marketing Campaign: 15 Tips From Communications Experts

Check out these tips from 15 experts on the best methods to employ when crafting email marketing.

How Your Email Marketing Strategy Will Change in the 2020s 

There's no denying it, email marketing along with the rest of marketing will change as we enter our next decade. Let's see how it all plays out. 

How Long Does It Take to Produce a Marketing Email? 

It all boils down to team size. See how it correlates by reading this great article from MarketingProfs.  

Shopify launches new email marketing tool for SMBs 

Great news for those running on an Ecommerce brand on Shopify.