Roundup: March 2020's Best Digital Tactics

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It's time for March 2020's roundup! Each month, we search out the best and most relevant inbound marketing content on the internet. Feel free to head directly to a specific section by clicking on the appropriate link below or scroll through to enjoy the entire roundup at your leisure.

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Google Ads New Policy Disallows Profiting Off Sensitive Events, Like COVID-19

Google says you cannot profit off of events like the COVID-19 outbreak.

How To Leverage Data Science for SEO

JR Oaks explains a new approach to Technical SEO content and some development resources for SEOs.

Finding SEO opportunities through rising trends & Node.jsProgramming has gained a lot of followers in the SEO world and one of the reasons why it happened is for the ability to scale & automate processes. SEO is evolving with Google Trends.

Affiliate Marketing Programs Axed at Some Sites, Tech Media Unaffected

Amazon and Walmart have ended affiliate marketing programs for some of their media partners. The change, however, is affecting the largest publisher around the web.

65+ Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

Stuck on a WordPress problem? It's likely an issue covered in this article. Here's how to fix it.

Google Offers COVID-19 SEO Tips for Health Websites in New Guide

Google search results will soon support a new type of schema markup designed for special announcements related to COVID-19.

20+ Tips to Invigorate Your B2B Marketing Using Testimonials & Reviews

With the right client testimonials and customer reviews, B2B brands can increase trust and loyalty in uncertain times while strengthening existing connections and fostering new ones.

Online Retails Sales Soar Due To Virus Restrictions

Due to movement restrictions and business closures put in place by the government, online retail sales revenue jumped by 110% in March.

Zoom is Leaking Peoples' Email Addresses and Photos to Strangers

For at least a few thousand people, Zoom has treated their personal email addresses as if they all belong to the same company, letting them video call each other.

Helping Health Organizations Make COVID-19 Information More Accessible

To better assist health organizations, Google has created a best practices article to guide health organizations to make COVID-19 information more accessible on Search.

Ecommerce SEO Best Practices in 2020 (You Can Actually Do Today)

As the Ecommerce space continues to become more competitive, here are some helpful techniques to build your customer base and increase revenue through SEO.

Content Marketing 

The Difference Between Content Marketing & Content Strategy (& Why You Need Both)

Content marketing alone isn't enough to build a powerful brand and real ROI. You also need content strategy. Here's the difference.

5 Content Marketing Trends of the Future That Are Changing the Digital Landscape

Take a look at the most prominent content marketing trends that are sure to revolutionise the way we carry out content marketing.

Benchmark for Success: What Your Vertical Can Achieve With Content Marketing

If you have great content and you have a set of realistic expectations for that content, all that's left is to distribute it and collect those links and press mentions. Here's what you can do.

5 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Content Marketing Campaigns

These are typical pitfalls marketing departments fall into when rolling out multi-channel organic or paid content campaigns.

What Readers Want During COVID-19: Content Ideas for Every Niche

It's time to assess if your current content strategy needs any adjusting based on current events.

Generating Local Content at Scale

Building local pages can be tough. Take a look at these white-hat techniques using natural language generation to create local pages to your heart's content.

How to Repurpose Marketing Content for Your Small Business

Repurposing your content increases ROI by taking each initial creation and spinning it into multiple pieces of content. You'll reach more potential customers as you publish the content on different sites.

Social Media

6 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Want better results from your Facebook ad campaigns? Make sure you aren't making any of these six mistakes.

How 6 Social Media Networks Have Changed in the Last Decade

This post might be a blast from the past, it will also show you just how much the way we connect and share online has changed, and give you hints about where it might go next.

4 Ways to Improve Your Content with Social Media

It's so important that content and social media feed off one another and work together. Here's how you can marry these two strategies.

Marketing In Times Of Uncertainty 

Are you unsure how to approach your marketing during a crisis? Here's some wisdom from well-known marketers.

How Egyptians abroad used social media to show solidarity during COVID-19

Here's how one country took to social media and influenced people all over the world.

What Are The Issues With Marketing On Social Media?

Determining social media success is essential before you strive to achieve it. And once you set the stage for success, these three principles will definitely make you successful in your goals.

How To Use Instagram Stories For Market Research

Looking for new ways to conduct market research? Wondering how to get feedback from your highly engaged Instagram followers? Try these tips.



Quadruple Your Email Open Rates With These 4 Subject Line Strategies

If you've been working diligently to create and grow your email list, crafted compelling messages or newsletter and aren't seeing the kind of open rates you'd like, it's time to focus on your subject line.

How to Measure the Success of Your Email Campaigns

To create a standard way to measure the efficiency of email marketing efforts, business owners track a well-defined set of metrics. This post describes the main criteria for analyzing email deliverability, helps you capture them efficiently, and put all campaign data into a bigger picture.

Why Marketers Need Responsive Emails in 2020

How do marketers stop sending emails that aren't optimized for multiple screens? Responsive email is the answer.

4 Strategies for Better Email Marketing

There are a lot of opportunities for reaching customers, but you'll only accrue email opens and conversions if you use a multi-faceted strategy to help your messages stand out.

6 Emails You Shouldn't Send to Customers During a Pandemic--and 2 that You Should

It's all too easy to come off as tone-deaf if you email with the wrong intentions. Here's what you can do.

Everything marketers need to know about BIMI: The latest email standard

The latest update to email authentication being called "DMARC 2.0". Here's what you need to know to get your email program in shape for BIMI.

Local Email Marketing: A Crash Course

What do you do when you're working for a local company? Customers are right in your area, and to make sales, you have to focus on locality. Your solution: local email marketing.