Roundup: January 2020's Best Digital Tactics

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It's time for January 2020's roundup! Each month, we search out the best and most relevant inbound marketing content on the internet. Feel free to head directly to a specific section by clicking on the appropriate link below or scroll through to enjoy the entire roundup at your leisure.

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[New Research] How Has Blogging Changed? 5 Years of Blogging Statistics, Data and Trends

The 2019 blogging survey went out, and with it came five years of blogging stats, data, and trends. Are you that surprised at what has happened to the length of blog posts?

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

Are your expectations for SEO timing too high? How long should we have to wait for SEO to go into effect? Learn why SEO takes so darn long. 

Google's January 2020 Core Update: Has the Dust Settled?

How did the January 2020 Core Update stack up to all the other updates? Learn the verticals that were hit the highest. 

Google Search Console Launches New Removals Tool

This month, Google launched a new tool. It lets you temporarily block URLs from showing in Google. It will also show outdated content and content filtered by SafeSearch.

Google Rolls Out Organic 'Popular Products' Listings In Mobile Search Results

This Popular Product rollout is an effort by Google. The company would like to enhance product search experiences, to compete with Amazon and other marketplaces as well as social platforms.

Did Google Just Say Links In PDFs Treated As Nofollow Links?

There are a couple of conflicting statements in regards to links in PDFs being treated as NoFollow links. 

How To Improve Local SEO

Local SEO experts have the goods on what should be the focus in 2020. What they have to say may surprise you. 

How To Optimize Your Website's Crawl Budget

You're going to want to start with improving overall site speed, then simplifying site structure to help both users and the Googlebot. Learn what else you can do to optimize your website's crawl budget. 

How to Make Your Google Mobile Search Results More Clickable

Marketers seem to forget about how they should be driving more mobile search clicks. Here's how to make your results more clickable. 

Google's John Mueller On Intent Research vs Keyword Research For 2020

There is a rumor that Google is all for intent research vs keyword research in 2020. Is that really the case, though? 

Content Marketing 

How to Use Tools to Determine Which Content to Re-Optimize: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are a few steps that go into figuring out which content to re-optimize. See this step-by-step guide to determine what to re-optimize.  

Content Marketing in 2020: The Definitive Guide

What's in the content marketing playbook for 2020? Check out this definitive guide for content marketers.  

Mining Reddit for Content Ideas in 5 Steps - Whiteboard Friday

For many, Reddit is an afterthought when digging for content ideas. For others, Reddit is a content idea goldmine. 

How to Scale Your Content Marketing: Tips from Our Journey to 100,000 Words a Month

"If we could build a content engine that produces a high volume of quality content, then we could learn what works well and double down on creating great content."

Your How-To Plan for 12 Months of Customer-Focused Blogging

 If you want to plan out your year of content to cater to your customers, you should start with a content roadmap. Here's how you can plan. 

7 Marketing Experts Share What They're Focusing on in 2020

"Content should be delivered in the way their audience wants to consume it, which is why marketers will focus on creating brand content that serves people through a combination of audio and video in 2020."

How to Get Valuable External Content Sources

 Explore a few paths to inject relevant and helpful external sources into your content. 

Social Media

How to Turn YouTube Viewers Into Subscribers and Leads

Find out how to develop and optimize YouTube content that turns viewers into subscribers and leads.

Starting the Decade by Giving You More Control Over Your Privacy

"Over the next few weeks, we'll show nearly 2 billion people around the world a prompt encouraging them to review their privacy settings." Read more. 

The Social Media Rule of Thirds and 3 Best Practices for Social Media Management
Have you not quite grasped the "Social Media Rule of Thirds"? Here's a great break down by Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media. 

Facebook's Clear History Tool Is Now Available To Everyone

Constantly getting ads? Facebook's clear history tool is the tool you're going to want to use often. 

10 Important 2020 Social Media Trends You Need to Know

What trends will matter most to social media in 2020? These are the trends you're going to want to know to succeed. 

Twitter Is Removing the Audience Insights Element from Twitter Analytics
Twitter has confirmed that it is indeed removing its Audience Insights tab from Twitter Analytics and social media marketers are freaking out. 

eMarketer Instagram User Forecast Estimates Q4 2019
Instagram user growth in 2019 is now 6.7%, down from 10.1% in 2018.


How To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy With Social Proof

"Email marketing strategy with social proof is one of those amazing ways to get potential buyers and boost the site traffic."

Why We Are Still Talking About Email in 2020

It all boils down the email working better in the long-run in 2020. 

5 Ways to Boost Email Campaign Inbox Delivery

There are five best practices of email marketing to put in place in 2020. 

38% of US Consumers Driven to Action by Email Marketing

"Savvy marketers can use this information to quickly double down on areas where they are excelling and determine where they need to make improvements in 2020."

Why Email Marketing Should Work, and Why It Often Doesn't

If you want email marketing to help your business be profitable, you need to know what's working for you and what isn't.   

Email Marketing Why 75% of Your Marketing Emails Are Never Read By

 "What are we, as the originators of all that ignored content, missing?"

3 Email Marketing Tips To Increase Engagement

If you're struggling to get your marketing emails off the ground, you should probably work on these three areas.