How to Shut Down Your SEO Agency 1

How to Shut Down Your SEO Agency

Shutting down your agency is stressful, but you must take the proper steps to avoid any dents in your reputation and establish a revenue line for the future. In this post, I’ll outline those steps to close your SEO agency successfully. Can you sell your agency? Before shutting your agency down, seek an acquisition. Depending…

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Success is Not a Commodity

Everybody wants to be “successful”. Whatever that means to you. As the owner of a marketing agency, people knock at my door demanding that I sell them some hot, guaranteed success probably a little more often than it happens to you. So allow me to use this experience to dispense what I’ve learned about success-…

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Measuring the ROI of Social Media 2

Measuring the ROI of Social Media

Every time a case study boasts about the number of Likes and Tweets it earned, an angel loses its wings. Hate to say it, but the culture of social media metrics is broken, and it’s time to fix that. There’s a reason I don’t track Facebook Likes, and I feel our other industry standard metrics…

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Where to Find Internet Marketing Talent 4

Where to Find Internet Marketing Talent

This post isn’t for traditional businesses looking for an Internet marketing team. Those companies should usually seek the help of a qualified, experienced Internet marketing firm with a track record of results; because more than just people, you need systems, and those aren’t easy for a solo marketer to build. Instead, this post is for…

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Justifying Digital Marketing Investments 5

Justifying Digital Marketing Investments

Here’s a topic that we visit every single day. As an online marketing agency, our two greatest priorities are: Make our clients more money Distill the data that shows how it’s done It’s as simple as that. Having been an owner in a few other types of companies before starting Northcutt, this is a conversation…

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