October Resource Round-up: The Best of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

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There seems to be an endless conversation regarding the state of search engine optimization (mostly whether it's dead or not) and the role of content marketing and social media in bringing this industry back to life. Ultimately, all of these elements should be working together to successfully battle the likes of Penguin and "Keyword Not Provided." That's why we gather up the best SEO, content marketing, and social media articles each month for you to enjoy. Here's our favorite content from October. If you like what you see, check us out on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook the rest of the month.


5 Easily Avoidable Mistakes Enterprise SEOs Makehiding

Life in the enterprise can sometimes be challenging. Some days there are so many meetings you'd think somebody somewhere makes a commission every time an office worker schedules a new meeting. There are often pre-meetings to discuss a meeting, then a post-meeting to discuss the actual meeting and to schedule the next meeting.

The SEO of Tolstoy: A Guide to Effective Content Strategy

In order to run an effective content strategy for yourself or a client, you need to keep in mind that your audience requires specific, useful information in order to make an informed decision; but there also needs to be something that catches their eye and keeps them interested in you, your product, and what you have to say.

Eating My (Key)Words: Changing The Way We Think About SEOeating-words

I have glimpsed the future of search, and it is not keyword-driven. While I have long been an advocate of using keywords as an indicator of a searcher's intent, I am about to eat my words. The truth is that search is heading in a direction that most of us could not have foreseen... a technically complex and varied amalgamation of platforms, devices, and inputs.

Creating Efficient Data Collection Systems for SEO and Social

As marketers we only have so many hours in the day. Nothing is worse than having your team spend time on menial tasks (like data entry) when there's real work to do. That's why it's crucial for managers to create efficient systems - so teams can get more accomplished and make a bigger impact.

Build Content, Links, & Relationships with Reverse Guest Posting

I'll be honest: I've been blogging for almost seven years, and I have never, not once, accepted an unsolicited guest post on my blog. Most of the guest post pitches I receive are complete garbage, but even if I get a really good, relevant pitch, I'm not going to accept a guest post.

How to Counteract "Keyword Not Provided"seo complicated

First, Google gave us Penguin, the algorithm update that made all of us work harder and smarter to get good rankings on Google. And now, encrypted search, aka "keyword not provided," is rapidly approaching the 100% mark. Essentially, Google is taking away all access to keyword data. If you've relied on keyword rankings to measure and prove your client's SEO success, well, now you can't.

An Interview with Broken Link Building Expert, Ken McGaffin

Ken McGaffin is an expert in link building, online PR and market research. Ken also writes, teaches and consults on link building. He has also designed popular link building tools methodologies.

Optimizing The SEO Model

SEO has always been focused on acquisition. The marketing strategy, based on high rankings against keyword terms, is about gaining a steady flow of new visitors. If a site ranks better than competing sites, this steady stream of new visitors will advantage the top sites to the disadvantage of those sites beneath it.

Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Ten Years Ago

Back in September, Google announced that they had started using an algorithm that rewrites queries submitted by searchers which they had given the code name "Hummingbird."

Content Marketing

7 Unique Ways to Find Content Ideas for the Most Boring Topics

A blank sheet of paper (oops writers don't use it a lot anymore) well in that case a blank computer screen is the most frightening thing a writer could ever possibly encounter. Sitting in front of a computer screen, rolling up sleeves, and ready to write. But nothing happens other than going in circles.

Advertising Is Not Content Marketingbig guy little guy

And Content Marketing is not Advertising. It's a hard thing to beat into a marketer's head sometimes. Many brand marketers believe their goal in life is to write tasty copy that extolls the virtues of their products and nothing more. That content written by "amateurs" or worse yet "engineers" is not worthy of publication

My $45,300 Mistake: How Text Drives More Traffic Than Video Content

Last Thursday, I launched Quick Sprout University, which is a free video library of 107 videos that helps you learn online marketing. The purpose of launching Quick Sprout University was to see how video content performed against free software tools and content guides.

Gamification as a Content Marketing Tactic - How Brands Are Engaging Consumersgame

From frequent flyer programs to unlocking badges in Foursquare, gamification is permanently embedded in our cultural DNA. Loyalty programs present the simplest examples of companies reinforcing consumer behavior they want repeated. Smart marketers are using the same mechanics that have hooked gamers to generate more business and, with advancements in technology, are doing so with greater creativity and complexity.

Is Content Marketing Really Inbound Marketing ... or Vice Versa?

You say inbound ... I say content ... Let's call the whole thing off. Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing. Are they one in the same? Is one better than the other? Can you do one without the other?

Creating a Multi-Channel Content Marketing Strategy

I recently presented at SMX Stockholm on a panel titled "Content marketing, hype or hope?" - and I think that's a great question. Personally I think it can be both - you just need to do it the right way! Despite content frequently being looked at as the answer, that doesn't mean that it's always the first solution for your business.

Social Media Marketing

7 Social Media Cheat Codessocial-network-usage

Do you sometimes wish life was like a video game? We could have infinite lives, do humanly impossible stunts, conjure magical spells... Anyway... I've sifted through dozens of social media tips and tricks guides, case studies, and reports to compile the following 7 social media cheat codes.

Dear Marketers, Ignore Google+ At Your Own Risk

Uninformed marketing professionals and business owners have long considered Google+ to be the ugly stepchild of social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, largely dismissing the growing platform as a waste of time.

4 Big Things You Thought You Knew About Social Media

Everybody knows how social media marketing works. They know that people use social networks to connect, that it's all about getting shared, that there are no more gatekeepers, and that if users love their content, it's going to dominate on social media.

6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Social Mobile Marketing

Are your customers and prospects wandering around with smart phones? Do you want to tap into the social power of mobile users? Leveraging the power of mobile apps that are already installed on many people's smart phones allows you to connect with people you may be overlooking.

The Psychology of Images and Colors in Social Mediacolors image

In social media, we hurry to promote our posts because the sooner we can get it out to the public, the sooner we can start getting more traffic to it. In a sense, this is correct, however, a lot of people forget the importance that colors and images have on a persons psyche.

7 Tips To Raise Eyebrows With Perfectly Constructed Google+ Posts

There's so much buzz these days about Google authorship, the hummingbird update, social media, SEO and the like. Google is growing and offering more and more ways for people to establish themselves and their platforms online. Formatting plays a huge role.

Report Up. The 5 Departments that Need to See Your Social Media Reports

As a social media or community manager, you're responsible for your brand's reputation and for fostering relationships. You've no doubt been keeping track of the important numbers--the growth of your communities, sentiment levels, what networks are performing best, etc.--to help you track your success and tweak your strategies.

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