June Resource Round-up: The Best of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

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audio bookNow that everyone is into full-on summer mode, you probably don't want to spend your time in front of the computer searching for the best content. Luckily for you, we've gathered up our favorite  SEO, social media, and content marketing articles from June into one convenient place. Peruse these informative posts at your own leisure this long July 4th weekend, whether on the hammock in your backyard or under the rays of the sun at the beach. If you're looking for the same great content the rest of the year, join us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook. Enjoy!


5 SEO Tips For DuckDuckGo

If you haven't heard of DuckDuckGo yet, you will soon. On Apple's iOs 8, users can switch their default search engine preference to the up and coming search engine option. It's all about optimizing privacy, sidestelling filter bubbles and takes a stance against profiling.

Optimize Your SERP Snippet Click-Through Rate

Us SEOs put a lot of effort into increasing rankings. We spend thousands of marketing dollars creating link bait, weeks reorganizing the internal linking structure to best support important pages, and hours complaining that Target's terrible category page or eHow's poorly written post is still outranking our perfectly crafted page.

Is Your Landing Page Suffering from Bad Copy? Here's How to Fix It

Copy is the lifeblood of your landing page. You can pour your heart and soul into the design of a page, but if your headline is boring or your body copy is irrelevant, it'll all be in vain.

Why Build Links? 6 Reasons You Should Be Link Building in 2014

There are a hundred and one tasks in today's marketing world designed to improve your online visibility: social media, PPC, content marketing, retargeting, blogging, email marketing, on-site and on-page optimization, content strategy, contests, partnerships, etc. etc.

7 Ways to Maximize SEO on Your WordPress Site

One of the first decisions you'll face when building a new website is figuring out which content management system (CMS) to use. There are quite a few CMS options available, but there's one particular platform that reigns supreme, regardless of what type of project, budget or technical experience you may have.

How to Fix the Most Common Advanced SEO Issues - Part 1 & Part 2

It's a true shame, really. Shiny objects, magic bullets, FUD--all contribute to this problem, of course. Yet if site owners, site managers, and SEOs would just go one step further in understanding some factors, most sites on the Web would be vastly improved. And many penalties would be avoided entirely.

How To Clean Up Google Analytics' Content Reports

One of the basic tenets of SEO is the handling of non-canonical URLs. Countless posts have been written on the topic, and it's a topic that's discussed at probably every Internet marketing conference. Yet when it comes to our analytics, my experience has been that typically little-to-no attention is dedicated to keeping our content reports clear.

Take Advantage of Additional Google News Opportunities for Publishers

Google News continues to be an important source of traffic for publishers, in particular from the news OneBoxes that are frequently included in regular Web search results.

Content Marketing

Don't Forget, "Content" is Customer Success

Discussions whirl around how the company can get more out of content: more traffic via SEO, more clicks via enticing headlines, more links via 'viral' content, and more exposure by promoting your work on other sites.

How LinkedIn Got Cool & Became Your Most Powerful Distribution Channel

Two years ago, I didn't even have the LinkedIn application on my iPhone. (Talk about first world marketing problems.) Out of all the social networks, it just didn't seem very engaging. It was pretty stale, and to me, was more a platform to find career opportunities and wax poetic about the plethora of business skills you had.

Should You Post Branded Content on the Weekend? [Data]

Content marketers think they have it all figured out. They take the social listening they do and the SEO strategy they develop, mix it all together, and pump out blog posts that are the perfect mix of relevant and strategic.

Scaling Quality Content

As someone who is fortunate enough to get invited to speak at numerous conferences I pride myself in not reusing presentations unless someone specifically requests it. However, for the SEO audience, there has always been a huge disconnect between the concepts of quality and scale when it comes to content.

How to Build Social Media Into Your Content Marketing Processes

For a time, social media and content marketing may have seemed interchangeable, but they are actually quite different. Though there can be quite a bit of overlap, the easiest way to think about their relationship is that content is needed to drive social media, while social media is most essential during two key content marketing processes.

Social Media Marketing

How to Find the ROI in Social

In the world of coordinated creation of social media stories, there's typically two kinds of success, or ROI, on social campaigns - Cost Mitigation, and Sales Increase. 

6 Tips for Creating a Paid-Owned-Earned Social Media Strategy

Using the paid-owned-earned strategy (POEM) has become a necessity in social media. This is largely due to the decline in organic reach, as digital "noise" becomes the norm on social networks.

Don't Make These Social-Media Blunders That Businesses Keep Repeating

Whether you are bringing a new venture to market or marketing an existing brand, sooner or later (probably much sooner) you will find the need to participate in some form of social-media engagement.

Facebook Is Beginning to Look Like a Bona Fide Online Ad Network

Now that Facebook will include users' Web behavior to fine-tune targeting, it's only a matter of time before it expands its ad network to outside publishers, according to marketing experts.

Google+ isn't Dead. Here are 9 Ways it's Crucial to Your SEO Right Now

Many marketing folks have started throwing Google+ by the wayside as they create online marketing strategies in favor of greener pastures over at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Vine.

Americans Say Social Media Have Little Sway on Purchases

 A clear majority of Americans say social media have no effect at all on their purchasing decisions. Although many companies run aggressive marketing campaigns on social media, 62% in the U.S. say Facebook and Twitter, among other sites, do not have any influence on their decisions to purchase products.

This month, we'll leave you with a look at what wearable technology may have been if IBM had chosen to pursue such things.

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