July Resource Round-up: The Best of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

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Have you done your summer reading? We know it's hard to stay caught up on all the news during the warmer months, because, even as you take a break, the content keeps coming. This is why we gather up the best SEO, content marketing, and social media articles each month for your convenience. Take a look at what you've missed and let us know what you think in the comment section below. For more great content, don't forget to check in with us regularly on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


How Social Media Impacts Your SEO Ranking [Infographic]social-media-seo

Although back links are an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO), that's not all that your team should be focused on. An updated study from Searchmetrics revealed how important social media signals are to a strong SEO ranking. According to the company, well-positioned URLs almost always have a high number of Likes, shares, tweets, and +1s.

Advanced SEO For Ecommerce: Maximizing Keyword Spread

Sometimes, it can look like Google and the other search engines are out to get you, what with the Google Panda and Penguin updates. I know a lot of bloggers who were totally buried under the fury, and many people have quit blogging entirely because of that. Well, good news- there WILL be more updates in the future.

SEO Copywriting: Who Are You Writing For? seo-copywriting-539x464

With all of the changes Google has made to its search algorithm, businesses may craft their content in a way they believe will appease this search engine giant. However, that is not the right way to approach SEO copywriting. Instead, you need to focus on writing for humans while still helping search engine spiders find the content.

SEOs, You Should Be on Reddit

It's hard being an SEO on the Internet. The old people on Facebook can't understand what we do, we're not famous enough for Twitter and our forums are more shady than that alley behind the Arby's. So where can a search engine optimizer go to hang out and talk shop with his or her compatriots?

Winning with White Hat SEO in the Post-Penguin Erapenguin phone

While black hat SEO may still work, it is not a viable long-term strategy and comes with much risk. There is a better way. You can gain top search engine results and build long term value for your website and business enterprise while complying with Google's Webmaster guidelines. Here's how.

Google Chooses Speed Over Content for Search

People are obsessed with SEO -- which is weird. Just a few short years ago, SEO was considered snake oil. I have been designing and implementing SEO strategies since the mid-90s when SEO included lots and lots of directory submissions and quite a lot of compassion for people who were stuck on dial-up with PC's that could only deal with small, low-resolution monitors.

SEO Link Building Tipslinkbuilding-meme

Smart, sustainable, white hat link building should be a primary concern of all results driven SEOs. Since white hat link building involves more networking and email communciation skills than it does technical SEO ability, I find it to be a great task for beginning SEOs and motivated small business owners.

Social Media is Dead; Long Live SEO

As more and more digital marketers are buying in to the social media hype, we're starting to see a growing number of studies on the ROI of social media marketing as compared to more established forms of digital marketing such as SEO and email.

Content Marketing

Kittens & Bacon: The Most Viral Infographic EverBaconSpaceKitty

If the internet had a mascot, you can bet it would be a kitten dressed in a bacon costume. Mysterious, majestic creations, cats and bacon have totally taken the Internet by storm. But why are they so popular, and how can we leverage their popularity for personal gain, or better yet, total world domination?

Beyond Blogging: 13 Content Marketing Opportunities for Ecommerce

Remember when business blogging was really big? You know, 2007-ish, before Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram came and stole all that consumer attention span. The death of Google Reader may just be one more signal that blogging is passe, at least as a marketing tool for commercial products.

8 Content Marketing Principles Most Companies Get WrongPerplexed girl

Content marketing is the logical evolution of social media, the practice that puts the theory into action. Many companies, whether B2B, B2C, enterprise or small business, are jumping on the content bandwagon. But lots are also missing the key connections that turn content marketing into leads and ROI.

There is More to This Content Marketing Thing Than Just Clicking Publish

Content marketing has already proved that it can be a powerful way of building your brand visibility and generating leads but a lot of marketers continue to talk about creating great content like it's the only thing that you need to do when there is so much more to it than that. The truth is that clicking publish is not enough and it never was.

5 More Content Marketing Myths [Slight Rant #2]fishies

Welcome to rant #2! Previously on CopyPress I wrote about 5 content marketing myths I see on a daily basis. Today I am going to discuss 5 more myths that I see all the time. Please note that the purpose of these posts is to help writers avoid some of the common mistakes editors see on a daily basis.

7 Ways SlideShare Will Improve Your Content Marketing

Heidi Cohen has called SlideShare B2B social media's biggest secret. It is less secret these days with over 3 billion, yes 3 billion, slide views a month; and should be a key part of any B2B content marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

3 Reasons to Nurture New Leads with Social Media

Businesses are all about the bottom line. While returning customers definitely make an impact, new customers are what allow a business to grow and evolve to its full potential. Lead generation is one way many B2B businesses acquire new prospects.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Effective Lead Generationtools-199x300

Let's face it: plenty of firms waste plenty of time on Facebook and Twitter. Like any tool, social media is only effective when it's used correctly, but it's a new enough tool that the ink isn't dry on the instruction manual.

When Should You Post Updates on Social Media Networks? [Infographic]

Everyone knows that if you want to see results - hard work, time and dedication is required in order to connect properly with your audience. But most importantly, timing when you do something is crucial as well.

Where Search, Social Media Content, and Content Marketing Meetlittle people

One of the topics I hear content marketers ask most about is the combination of SEO and social media content. It's not surprising, considering how critical those two aspects are to getting your content found.

Study: LinkedIn Positioned To Be Professional Content Marketing Leader, Testing Monetization

LinkedIn's focus on content has been in overdrive recently. A new in-depth study looks at LinkedIn's ten year trajectory from an online resume repository to a powerhouse hub for professional recruitment, lead generation, sales solutions, marketing tools and, yes, a full-fledged B2B content engine.

How to Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing During the Summer Slowdown (Infographic)how-to-jumpstart-social

Most small-business owners know that an active presence on social media is crucial to staying relevant in their customers' minds. In fact, 82 percent of small-business owners say they use social media to engage with customers, according to a recent social-media awareness survey from online-marketing company Constant Contact.

13 Actionable Tactics To Increase Consumer Loyalty Through Social Media Marketing

It's no secret that basic human nature compels individuals to want to be a part of something. That's a major reason why social media communication works so well. In the business world, the addition of loyalty to a marketing strategy makes sense given that it is a natural extension of what consumers are going to gravitate toward.


This month we'll leave you with "Catvertising," a look at the direction advertising is heading :)