April Resource Round-up: The Best of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

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The weather is warming, which means you've probably been spending more time outside. That's why we've been keeping a close eye on all the major happenings in SEO, content marketing, and social media during April. We share our favorite content throughout the month on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, but if you want to get your inbound marketing fix in one sitting, here's our roundup of what you may have missed.


How to Divert Competitors' Customers With 'Bling' Keywordsbling

Sending out news releases using Vocus or PRWeb tools featuring news, updates, and developments about your company is a great way to build marketplace awareness of the solutions that you offer. Implementing a search engine optimization plan that enhances your website content with the right keywords is a great way to attract business and potentially increase your company's search rank.

Graph Search Optimization: The New SEO and What it Means for Social Advertisers

Facebook introduced Graph Search in January signaling a major shift in social search. Graph Search matches natural language search terms with content from the searcher's network (social graph) to identify and return relevant results based on several factors.

How Will The Next Penguin Update Effect You? evil-penguin

As a SEO Consultant I have seen a lot of fear and panic over the last 12 months from owners and marketing directors of businesses of all sizes. Now due to the announcement from Matt Cutts a few weeks ago regarding the next Penguin update I am getting a lot of questions.

A Successful Google Penguin Recovery Story

It is coming up to a year ago now that we were employed by a big company here in the United Kingdom to recover their website from a crash in Google rankings following the Penguin update. On 17 April 2012, their website was hit by the Google Penguin update. Unsurprisingly, their traffic plummeted, losing more than 50% of their daily visitors which were in the 10s of thousands.

How to Write SEO Copy That Worksmonk

There's a lot more to writing SEO copy than keywords. If you want your SEO copywriting to work-to attract more natural traffic AND convert visitors to subscribers and leads-you've got to do more than stuff blog posts with keywords. Follow these 6 steps to write SEO copy that works.

Organic SEO or Pay-Per-Click?...That is the Question!

One question that many businesses struggle with is "Should I do Organic SEO or Pay-Per-Click?" This is not a straightforward answer as we are comparing two completely different items. Did you know, there are over 200 million searches done on search engines every day.

How Do You Keep Up With the Hockey Stick Growth of SEO Changes?

The hockey stick graph has been used (sometimes controversially) to illustrate the rate of global warming, population growth over time, etc. The rate of change in growing and changing industries like search marketing feels pretty rapid even if it's not exponential. I like to call it the hockey stick of change because getting hit with accelerating rate of change sometimes feels like getting hit with a hockey stick.

Integrating Your SEO And Social Campaignsseo-social-media

In the past, social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) were two very different, very separate things. Social media was a way to write funny and annoying statuses, SEO was a way to make search engines like you. Nowadays, however, social media and SEO are well and truly joined at the hip.

Content Marketing

Why Mad Men are Becoming Math Men

In our digital worlds, it is safe to say that advertising is becoming more dynamic and complicated than ever. In advertising, Mad Men are becoming Math Men. Some would say that mobile devices, technology and advanced consumer behavior have made it a complex art and science of anticipating how, when and where someone will respond to a brand's message.

Link Building - Don't Hate The Player, Hate The GameZELDA

It is a long shot I know, but someday I hope Google releases an algorithm update that completely changes how Link Building works. From my experience of digital marketing and more specifically SEO, Google and the SEO industry have been in an arms race, where SEOs develop a new link building tactic and Google then counters with an algorithm update.

Resource Roundup: How to Migrate Google Reader to Feedly

Today is the start of a new series that will highlight resources and tools designed to simplify the everyday management and monitoring of your social media efforts. Each one is something I use within my own business and will hopefully be a benefit in yours as well.

14 Blog Writing Tips for Creating SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

If you're in charge of your company's blog, SEO is just as important for you as creating quality content that inspires engagement and generates leads. After all, if you're not getting traffic, you're not getting engaged readers or leads, either.

3 Practical Tips for Creating Magic Content Flowflow

When you are entering the Internet world, you will see that there are many people searching for something to meet their needs. The core medium to find information online is by using a "search engine." Search engines have become the best resource for the people to get relevant source of information in terms of content, image or many other things. What happens if people don't get the information which they want?

The Content Marketing Landscape Infographic

If you didn't already know - content marketing involves elements of everything from analytics to content generation and SEO to social. As one of the UK's leading content marketing companies we wanted to create an informative infographic that highlights how all these important disciplines come together.

Social Media Marketing

18 Fresh Stats About the Current State of Social Media Marketingsm market

As a data-driven and social media-loving company, we'd like to set the record straight: Social media is here to stay. So we've combed through some of the hottest new social media research -- including the new 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report -- to highlight some of the freshest stats that reveal the truth about the current state of social media marketing.

The State of Social Media [infographic]

It's Friday so it's time for another infographic. This one, like the one I recently shared about social media and business, has some interesting thoughts and ideas around the data and what it means. I thought I'd add to the conversation, throw in a few useful links and of course I'd love to hear your points of view as well.

Making the Most of Hashtags in Social Mediahashtags

Have you noticed all the buzz around hashtags recently? You're used to seeing 'em on Twitter, G+ and Instagram. They pop up on the screen when you're watching your favorite TV show (read: Shark Tank) or the commericals that air in between contestants' business pitches to the sharks. (We're still talking about Shark Tank, right?)

10 Steps to Developing A Niche Following on Google Plus

Do you want to get a head start on the untapped market of Google Plus for your business? Google Plus has an audience of more than 500 million users, and uses what you share on it to impact your companies search results. It's not rocket science to see that you should be a part of what's going on sooner rather than later.

Mobile And Social Media Go Hand-in-Hand

Customers are increasingly engaging with brands on mobile social media--and not necessarily for the reasons you might think, according to a studyby mobile video advertising firm Rhythm NewMedia.

7 Things Marketers Should Know About Tumblr

As the 32nd most popular website in the world, Tumblr is a big opportunity. But you can't approach it as you would other marketing strategies.

Use Tracking Codes with Your Social Media Sharing Buttonsfootprints

Given the rapid increase in people using social networks to share and discuss content on the internet, it's no surprise that the majority of websites now have social media sharing buttons integrated alongside their content. However, measuring the success of these buttons is by no means straightforward.


This month we'll leave you with a video from resident Google genius, Mr. Matt Cutts, who addresses the top SEO mistakes that webmasters are making.