April 2018's Best Inbound Marketing Ideas

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It's time for the April 2018's monthly roundup! Each month, we search out the best and most relevant inbound marketing content on the internet. Feel free to head directly to a specific section by clicking on the appropriate link below or scroll through to enjoy the entire roundup at your leisure.

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Why PR Is Crucial to SEO & 11 Ways to Get Coverage

Tom McLoughlin, Director at SEO Travel

How to align SEO and sales teams so everyone benefits

Casie Gillette Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at KoMarketing

Five SEO Questions with David Mihm; Small Business, Local Schema and Tips to Get Ahead

Melanie Nathan, Community Manager at SEMrush

5 Tips CMOs Need To Know About SEO

Jessica Levenson, VP of Search and Engagement at Tech Target.

SEO basics: The top 8 mistakes that rookies (and new businesses) make

Kim Kosaka, Director of Marketing at  Alexa.com.

Content Marketing

3 Keyword Research Trends to Reshape Your Content Optimization

Ann Smarty, Brand Manager of Internet Marketing Ninjas

How to Brainstorm and Prioritize Your Best Content Ideas

Garrett Moon, CEO & Co-Founder at CoSchedule

How to Create Unified Content That Works in Diverse Global Markets

Marcia Riefer Johnston, Author of "Word Up"' & "You Can Say That Again"

7 Ways to Turn a Webinar Into a Stream of Link-Attracting Content

Jordan Kasteler, SEO Director at Hennessey Consulting

5 Steps to Strategically Reboot Your Brand's Content Marketing

Mat Zucker, Creative and Content leader, Partner of Prophet  

Social Media

LinkedIn Prospecting: How to Find and Connect With Future Customers

Michael A. Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner & Social Media Marketing World

Business Grow Guide: Instagram 101 and Beyond

Lisa Buyer, Writer for Search Engine Journal

What Do the New Twitter Rules Mean for Social Media Managers

Alfred Lua, User acquisition at Buffer

13 Tips for Creating More Effective Instagram Video Ads

Lisa Lacy, Tech Reporter Adweek

Snapchat, Instagram Stories, or Facebook Stories--Which is Right For You?

Michelle Cyca, Writer, Editor, and Digital Content Strategist


5 Must Haves to Drive Consumer Loyalty for Website Conversions

Lindsey Morando, writer at Get Ambassador.

Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit Website's Conversion Rate

Jenny Traster, from Kuno Creative

How To Balance On-site And Off-site Content Marketing Efforts

Jayson DeMers , Founder and CEO at AudienceBloom

Search Drives Conversions, Social Drives Website Traffic

Laurie Sullivan, from MediaPost.

Study Examines the True Cause of Low Mobile Conversion Rates

Peter Roesler President of Web Marketing Pros


How to Create Content That Earns Links & Increases Your Traffic

Brent Csutoras, Chief Marketing Officer at PeakActivity.

Why do we overcomplicate link building?

Julie Joyce, owner at Link Fish Media.

Stop Asking for Links in My Old Content!

Tony Wright, CEO at WrightIMC.

How to use Keywords and Backlinks to Create a Solid Link-Building Strategy

Sophie Fitzpatrick, of Edgy Labs.

What Is Link Reclamation & How to Regain Lost Link Value

Anna Crowe, Writer and SEO Consultant Hello Anna & Co.


Why Relying Solely on Social Media Marketing Could Be a Disaster for Your Business

Luis Congdon, CEO of Thriving Launch

Will the Real Key Email Metrics Please Stand Up?

Favian Castillo, Digital Marketing Specialist

How to Make Sure Your Company's Emails Stay Out of the Spam Folder

Colin Darretta, CEO & Founder of WellPath Solutions

Facebook Plans Crackdown on Ad Targeting by Email Without Consent

Josh Constine, Editor at TechCrunch

This 1 Simple Email Strategy Helped Wayfair Become a 4.7 Billion Dollar Company

Amanda Pressner Kreuser, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Masthead Media