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A Digital Marketing Foundation

Every great digital marketing effort combines three things. It doesn’t matter if the brand is B2B or B2C.  E-Commerce or brick & mortar.  They are: Foundation Funnel Flywheel Everything our agency does revolves around this, and today, we’re talking foundations.  How we build them.  And how you can build one for your business too (with…

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Myth-Busting: Redirects Cause PageRank Decay

One of my earliest SEO wins involves a tale of two sites. Site #1 dominated the rankings; ranking #1 for “linux hosting” for years. Hundreds of other high-value, internationally competitive, expensive-as-hell-in-AdWords phrases too. Just killed it, reaching Alexa <40k from 80%+ organic search. Site #2, though. That was a mystery. About as old. Also commerical….

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mountain top

Success is Not a Commodity

Everybody wants to be “successful”. Whatever that means to you. As the owner of a marketing agency, people knock at my door demanding that I sell them some hot, guaranteed success probably a little more often than it happens to you. So allow me to use this experience to dispense what I’ve learned about success-…

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SEO checklist

Introducing the 1,200-step Inbound Marketing Audit

In September, we released our fact-checking resource of 260+ Google ranking factors, ranging from outright myths to facts that were directly confirmed and verified by testing. It did really well. But the biggest complaint, which is actually the same complaint that I see towards basically every piece of content on SEO, content marketing, and so-forth,…

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growing plants

How We Multiplied Traffic by 5X in a Month using One Piece of Content

In July, I shared an update an update that foreshadowed a pivot around here. One where we would focus more on web traffic. I also shared our own traffic graph spanning the course of four years. Here it is again: It goes up, which I’d expect from well-executed content marketing. When you publish and promote…

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ranking architect

The Trouble with Ranking Factor Lists

Alphabet, Inc. chairman Eric Schmidt told us Google ranks sites based on 200 factors. But then he told us that those signals were super secret.   Bing, in kind, said that they rank by 1,000 factors. And Google responded saying basically that they meant 10,000.   All the while, SEO professionals have been dreaming up…

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inbound marketing

The First Four Years of an SEO Agency

Northcutt always had written in our manual that we believe in transparency. Despite this, it’s been almost two years since I last posted a major company update.   I could give excuses about how much structuring, staffing, and early stage systems design took priority. What matters is that I’m ready to stand behind those words again…

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Growing from Zero to Agency

Most businesses fail. Specifically, Harvard Business School estimates 95 percent of new businesses fail, if failure is defined as failure to meet a set projection. That rate is closer to 70-80 percent if failure is defined as inability to get an adequate return on investment. But, still. Most businesses fail. Stage 1: A New Chapter…

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How “Hybrid” is Inbound Marketing? Something Amiss from #SearchLove 2013

The SEO industry has a problem. Actually, it’s easy to find fault with all kinds of facets of this industry, but here I’d like to heckle just one. It begins with one tweet that I saw today from SearchLove. It involves two people that I’ve actually been fortunate enough to see speak, and even recommend…

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Google Application Search SEO: The First SEO Lesson of 2013

Earlier today I noticed an addition to Google’s search engines menu.

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