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Myth-Busting: Do "nofollow" Links Have SEO Value?

“Nofollow” links are the most controversial topic in all of SEO. Very few SEO professionals agree on it: Even the ones that have been immersed in the topic for decades.  If you read this post to its conclusion, you’ll understand why. And, you might just form a strong opinion of your own. [bctt tweet=”If you…

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How to Learn SEO

So, you want to learn SEO? I’ve been at it ~18 years now and I don’t recommend learning the way that I did: through forums and black hat. Google changed. The internet changed. And unlike when I first began, blogs exist. People write them. They write them about SEO. They do it more than a…

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How Many Words Per Page For SEO, Again? You're Probably Wrong

A client once said that our landing page copy was too short to possibly rank. They read a blog post. To thousands of SEOs, this post is law. It also happens to be dead wrong. Long-form content. 10X content. Skyscraper content. It goes by many names. This post by serpIQ went viral and it changed…

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Channel Partner Marketing For Telecom & Data Center Brands

Is your job to generate leads for a telecom or data center brand? If so, I bet you’re already familiar with value-added resellers (VARs) and channel partners. But what happens once you have them? Do they occupy the 900th row in a spreadsheet (or PRM) to be forgotten? Too often, that’s the case. These are…

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Web Hosting Is Dead: Why You Can't Find Hosting Customers Anymore

Hosting is big. Really big. Even today, you could say that it’s as big as the internet. So why are so many still struggling to find web hosting clients? This world is all new since I built a hosting provider called Ubiquity.  I’ve helped dozens of other hosting founders be successful since then.  I’ve also…

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Why is Shopify's SEO Bad?

Do you love Shopify? There’s a lot to love about it. It’s simple. It’s sleek. It integrates with all kinds of apps at the click of a button. It’s also limiting. Most of all for SEO. Can you do SEO with Shopify? Yes, to an extent. Here are many quick, technical wins. We recommend Shopify…

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How to Handle SEO For Out-Of-Stock Ecommerce Products 1

How to Handle SEO For Out-Of-Stock Ecommerce Products

Do you run a successful ecommerce store? Are you not blessed with an infallible supply chain? Then you’ve probably come up against this. Products go out of stock. You don’t want them to. But they do. Most handle it all wrong. Especially if you’re leaving it to your platform’s default settings. There’s cash on the…

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The DigitalOcean Knowledgebase Marketing Strategy

Since 2010, it seems that every managed service provider has been a little jealous of DigitalOcean. I’ve had hundreds of these conversations. And how could you not be? They did everything right. They carved out a niche in early-stage Silicon Valley startups. Their product solved huge pain points on a new level. They demonstrated a…

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Should you get a country-specific domain name for SEO?

Considering a country-code domain for your business? This is one of the most common questions that we hear and the answer is always the same: It depends. But first, let me back up and explain what I’m talking about. What is a Country-Code Domain? What a question.. get ready for acronym overload. A top-level domain…

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Red Flags When Hiring An In-House SEO

Hiring an in-house SEO specialist is often difficult.  Especially if you aren’t familiar (and staying current) with SEO yourself. An in-house SEO will always benefit from support.  Maintaining an SEO system is a full-time job.  Hard problems require a crew to bounce ideas off.  And, SEO is interwoven with other disciplines that deserve specialists too….

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