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Site Architecture & Core Keywords: Get Optimized In 3 Steps [Tactic Tuesdays]

Last week we talked about how to identify your core keywords. This week, let’s talk about some changes you can make to your site architecture to make sure it’s optimized for those keywords. What follows is borrowed in large part from our comprehensive Website Architecture SEO Audit Checklist, with 51 actionable checks. 1. Check And…

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Core Keywords: Determining Risk & Reward [Tactic Tuesday]

Core keywords define what your site is about. They are a starting place for stemming off almost endless subtopics, they are your most valuable keywords, and they should be one of the major focuses of your site’s navigation and architecture. Here’s how to go about finding out what they are. 1. Start With Your Existing…

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Query Strings & SEO: How To Check For and Fix Issues [Tactic Tuesday]

Let’s talk about query strings, how they can cause problems for SEO, how to find them, and how to fix the SEO issues. What Query Strings Are, And Why They’re A Problem For SEO Query strings, also called URL parameters or URL variables, are the parts of a web address that comes after a question…

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Fix 301 Redirects For SEO [Tactic Tuesday]

Every time a link passes through a redirect, PageRank is lost through a piece of Google’s algorithm called the “damping factor.” In practice, this means that any time you link to yourself, you want to link directly to the target page, not to a URL that redirects. Here’s how to do that, if your site…

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Developing Content Guidelines [Tactic Tuesday]

Most companies fully understand their content needs to be good. Content strategies that fail typically do so on the systemic level. Processes, audiences, and goals are ill-defined. Fixing this starts with a clear set of content guidelines. Use the template below to get a concrete start on your own. The Purpose of Content Guidelines Develop a clear…

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How To Structure And Use A Content Calendar [Tactic Tuesday]

Let’s talk about why you need a content calendar, how ours are put together, and a bit about viewing them as part of a larger process. Download our content calendar Excel template here. (The example posts are fake. This is obvious, but yes, they are.) Why You Need A Content Calendar Your team, clients, and…

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How To List All Pages On A Website, In 4 Steps [Tactic Tuesday]

Step 1: Download ScreamingFrog (The Free Version is Overpowered and Awesome) That’s here. I’m not, in general, a fan of browser tools for this kind of thing and the free version of ScreamingFrog is so overpowered that anybody who does anything resembling webmaster or SEO work should have at least that. No that’s not an affiliate link, I just…

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How Many Outbound Links Per Word or Page? [Original Study]

If you google for an answer to how many outbound links you should be seeing on your pages, most answers fall into one of these categories: However many is most useful for users (okay, yeah, there’s truth there, but it’s not very useful, and everybody knows it’s not what you’re looking for) Less than 100,…

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The 7 C’s of Internet Popularity, Part 3: Comedy

This is Part 3 of a 7 part series on the factors that drive internet popularity. While it should stand perfectly well on its own, you might want to start with Part 1: Conspiracy Theories, or the post that inspired the series: The Novelty Bubble. Whether it’s the second most popular post on Reddit, ever, the…

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The 7 C’s of Internet Popularity, Part 2: Celebrities

In my last post, I kicked off a 7 part series to examine 7 of the most influential factors on internet popularity. The series was inspired by my post on The Novelty Bubble, a term I coined to describe the confluence of brain quirks and algorithms that limit our view of the world to that…

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