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BigCommerce Schema Markup

Schema markup provides your site with a variety of rich snippets that can make your ecommerce store stand out more in search results. It also gives search engines information that can help your pages perform better in search results and inform the Google Knowledge Graph. Fortunately, most BigCommerce themes come with schema markup included, which…

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BigCommerce SEO Plugins

BigCommerce offers a wide range of useful plugins to help you make the most of the platform for your store. A handful of the plugins are built specifically for SEO use. In this post, we will review how to use the BigCommerce apps marketplace and install plugins, and review the plugins built for SEO use….

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Magento Setup And Installation

Just getting started with Magento? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the full install process for both the Composer and compressed archive methods of installation, from system requirements to install verification. Once you’re done, take a look at our other posts on configuring and working with Magento, as well as maximizing your SEO potential….

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Headless Magento And Magento Integrations

While Magento is a wide open platform with capabilities for running both the front and back end of your store, it was primarily built with ecommerce functionality in mind, and it was built before multichannel, multidevice commerce was a standard. Today, Magento alone isn’t necessarily enough to meet the needs of a modern ecommerce store,…

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Changing, Adding, Publishing, and Editing Shopify Themes

Your Shopify theme can dramatically impact how visitors see your brand and how they interact with it. Changes you make to your theme can impact conversion rates and SEO, so it’s important to know how to work with themes in Shopify. In this post, we discuss how to change, add, publish, and edit themes in…

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Shopify Analytics And Metrics

SEO and digital marketing success is heavily dependent on knowing how your marketing impacts are affecting your performance. In this post, we talk about Shopify’s built in analytics and metrics, as well as how to add Google Analytics to the platform. Shopify Analytics One of the great things about Shopify is the fact that it…

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Magento File Structure and URLs

In order to make changes to your Magento theme and complete other development tasks necessary to achieve your SEO goals, you will need to know your way around the Magento folder structure. To optimize your site for search engines, you will also need to properly optimize the URLs on the frontend of your site. In…

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Optimizing Magento Menus, Navigation, and Breadcrumbs For SEO

Your site’s internal link structure is an important part of what makes the on site SEO tick, since it helps clarify in what contexts a page is relevant based on what types of pages it gets linked to from). Link structure also helps determine which pages have the most ranking power, since pages with more…

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Magento Content, Meta Tags, and Programmatic SEO

Content and meta tags make up the core of your on site SEO strategy. While links send authority and help determine the relevance of pages, on site content and meta data is the primary source of semantic information that search engines use to understand what your pages are about. In this post we will review…

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Magento SEO Plugins

Magento can be an overwhelmingly complex platform to work with. Its open nature makes it powerful to work with, but the need for developer level experience to accomplish some basic tasks makes working with it a handful. Extensions (sometimes called apps or plugins) for Magento allow you to take advantage of other developers’ hard work…

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