Shopify Link and Folder Structure for SEO

Internals links and site structure make up key components of how search engines understand your site. Getting them right is a crucial part of out-competing similar sites in search results by better clarifying when your pages make good answers to searcher’s queries. Let’s talk about how to approach that in Shopify. How To Edit A…

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Shopify Product SEO

In our last post, we covered how to work with Collections in Shopify, and how to do so with SEO in mind. We now turn our attention to the core element of any ecommerce site: the product. We will discuss how to create and edit products in Shopify, addressing SEO concerns as we go. Let’s…

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SEO for Shopify Collections

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there, so despite the fact that Shopify’s SEO isn’t the greatest, knowing how to work with the platform from an SEO perspective is vital as an agency or a brand that can’t currently switch platforms. We recently discussed some important aspects of technical SEO for…

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Product Page SEO In BigCommerce

Product pages are the meat and potatoes of an ecommerce store. They are the primary reason users visit your site and the primary reason your site exists. Strong SEO on your product pages means that users looking for products like yours will be more likely to discover them in search results and make a purchase…

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BigCommerce SEO Settings

As we covered in a previous post, BigCommerce is our recommended platform of choice for ecommerce sites due to its mix of usability and flexibility. In this post, we’ll walk you through some important SEO settings on the platform and how to change them, including some recommendations on implementation. Bear in mind that every brand…

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BigCommerce Platform and SEO Review

As an SEO and digital marketing agency, we interact with ecommerce platforms daily. How do we feel about BigCommerce as a solution for our ecommerce clients? For the most part, it is actually the platform we would recommend most, since it strikes a good balance between being a closed-source easy to use cloud solution on…

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Configuring Basic SEO For Magento 2

As we’ve discussed, Magento as a platform has issues with SEO. It’s not that Magento can’t be configured to meet your SEO needs, since the platform is wide open and ripe for development. The issue is that SEO implementations in Magento can be time and resource expensive. Even so, there are several out-of-the-box basic SEO…

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How To Write An SEO Friendly Blog Post

What makes a blog post SEO friendly? What steps does it take for you to make sure your content is well optimized for search engines so that you can start pulling in traffic from Google? In this post, we’ll talk about the context that should inform how you think about making your blog posts SEO…

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Is Magento Good For SEO? Magento's SEO Issues 2

Is Magento Good For SEO? Magento's SEO Issues

As an ecommerce platform, you would be hard-pressed to find somebody who said Magento wasn’t a powerful platform. As an open-source option, it’s a wide open platform with a lot to offer in terms of customization, community support, and third party plugins and extensions. So why aren’t we the biggest fans of Magento as an…

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Technical SEO for Shopify: A Guide For 2019

Like we mentioned in a previous post, Shopify’s SEO capabilities are….limited. A skilled SEO professional can make the platform work, but you will always be at a disadvantage when stacked up against somebody who does everything else equally but on a less limited platform. Still, Shopify is a very convenient ecommerce platform for startups who…

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