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Guide: Using Advanced Google Search Operators for SEO

A Comprehensive List Of Google Search Operators In this post we will cover all of the Google Search Operators and how to use them. What Are Advanced Google Search Operators? The Google search operators are special search commands, sometimes called advanced operators, that allow you to set specific restrictions or get specific types of results…

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14 Top Enterprise SEO Tools

Any good SEO understands that SEO is a process, and the key to mastering SEO is mastering that process. When SEO tools are applied without a process and the skill to wield it, results are limited. At the same time, the abilities of an SEO can be severely hampered or enhanced by the tools they…

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SaaS Marketing Teams: Structure, Size, Management, and More 1

SaaS Marketing Teams: Structure, Size, Management, and More

What Does A SaaS Marketing Team Do? There are three primary things a marketing team for a SaaS company does: Identify Demand Generate Demand Capture Demand Most marketing efforts will be devoted toward one or more of these goals, and it’s important that the right metrics are being used for each effort. For example, efforts…

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B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy Overview

Is B2B SaaS A Winner-Take-All Market? In developing your marketing strategy, it’s useful to evaluate it in the context of recognizing whether or not you are in a winner-take-all vertical. Many verticals in the B2B SaaS sector can be considered winner-take-all all markets, but it’s important to understand what this means. In a winner-take-all market,…

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What Do SEO Companies Do?

What Do SEO Companies Actually Do? If you landed on this post, odds are high you already know what SEO companies do in a broad sense. They optimize websites to bring in more search engine traffic, increase the relevance and business value of search engine traffic, and so on. But what are the specific actions…

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SEO Developers: What Is SEO Development?

SEO is a very broad discipline and it’s important to understand that different types of SEOs specialize in very different skills. Among the most technical is the role of an SEO developer. What Is SEO Development? SEO development is a specific type of web development with an emphasis on optimizing web pages and websites for…

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Hiring An SEO Company

Search engine traffic is extremely valuable to businesses that benefit from a presence on the web. Search engine optimization promises to grow search traffic and optimize its potential for business value, but does this mean you should hire an SEO company, and if so, what is the best way to go about it? Should I…

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BigCommerce Vs Magento: An SEO and Platform Comparison

When we recently compared BigCommerce to Shopify, we focused on the SEO capabilities because they are a major obstacle for Shopify and SEO is neglected enough as it is. Magento, on the other hand, doesn’t suffer from any of the strict SEO limitations that Shopify does. Magento is a wide open, highly configurable platform. In…

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BigCommerce Vs Shopify: An SEO Comparison

Even though 51% of the traffic on the web is driven by search engines, only 44% of businesses are investing in SEO. Paradoxically, 81% of businesses invest in social media even though it is only responsible for 5% of web traffic. When choosing an ecommerce platform, it’s important to consider search engines. Unfortunately, not all…

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Keywords for BigCommerce Products

For your BigCommerce site to do well in search results, you need a strong keyword strategy, as well as the knowledge needed to place keywords correctly using the BigCommerce interface. Let’s talk about how to run an ecommerce keyword strategy for a BigCommerce site. Keyword Strategy for Products The Importance of Long Tail The most…

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