Since 2002, Ahosting, Inc. ( has operated a world-class web hosting operation. This Hudson, Florida-based company supplies a wide variety of services ranging from basic shared hosting to dedicated servers, as well as unique reseller and multiple IP hosting solutions. Ahosting's services are delivered from facilities strewn across North America and Europe.

"Northcutt's search engine marketing services were paramount in helping our SEO hosting brand reach results that we never dreamt possible."

-Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at Ahosting, Inc.

The Opportunity

Although Ahosting had already long-established a highly successful web hosting operation, we identified that one of the firm's brands,, was having difficulty keeping up with a high number of competitors that were heavily involved in SEO. This came as no surprise, as high-volume search phrases that contain the word "SEO" generally aren't all that easy to rank. As a more recent deviation from the company's other brands (registered in 2009), ASEOHosting also had a lot of lost time to make up. This presented the greatest challenge for us, as well as the greatest opportunity for the client.

The Solution

Northcutt quickly began organic search engine optimization, Google Ads optimization, and content marketing services for ASEOHosting under a six-month agreement, later extended at the client's request. We established social media accounts and a blog, filling each with steady content and optimizing. We also optimized PPC spending and the site itself using Enterprise SEO software and a well-trained eye. Finally, we began drafting and distributing regular search-optimized news releases via major newswires as part of a steady, well-rounded link building campaign.

The Results

ASEOHosting's campaign was monstrously successful. Despite the fact that we were competing almost exclusively with sites owned by those with at least some SEO knowledge, we moved ASEOHosting steadily upwards until each of the most valuable search phrases ranked on page 1. Numbers below compare the start (April, 2011) and end (October, 2011) of our initial six-month agreement unless otherwise noted.

Website Metrics

By the end of our initial six-month agreement, the number of leads coming to the site had more than doubled, as reported by Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats).

Monthly Sessions:+217%
Monthly Uniques+210%
Monthly Pageviews+159%
Organic Search Traffic+228%
Referrals from Links+243%

Conversion data was not available due to our analytics process in 2011 (now done exclusively through Google Analytics). A variety of indications imply that the added trust from of social media, enhanced usability of strong technical SEO, and the reputation management effects of littering the search results with high quality content, did accomplish some higher conversion percentage.

Content Marketing

Previous to Northcutt's involvement, there was no notable external content marketing effort underway for the ASEOHosting brand (so there is no comparative data available). The company's Twitter and Facebook accounts did however reach thousands of followers, with steady activity and growing engagement. The blog also received a steady incline in traffic thanks to regular additions of high-quality copy. Finally, the visits referred from external pages metric in AWStats reported gains of +243%.

"I was a bit surprised to see our steady search and traffic gains continuing well after the first six months. Every report that we receive from Northcutt seems to be chock full of new ideas and their results. There seems to be no bottom in their bag of tricks."

-Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at Ahosting, Inc.

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