How We Began

Our founder bootstrapped Ubiquity: a managed services conglomerate that was acquired by Leaseweb USA in 2016. The system that helped Ubiquity repaint Google without funding was noticed and sought after. Dozens of proven SEO specialists now operate the premier SEO agency for sustaining the most competitive, international search results.

We've broadened our focus to include ecommerce and the evolution of cloud services. We've refined our system to work exceptionally well on an enterprise scale. No matter the industry, our focus on achieving and maintaining #1 results for the most competitive search terms remains the same.

Our Mission

Authoring SEO success stories for enterprisecloud, and ecommerce.

Our Vision

In an industry saturated by hustlers and hobbyists, Northcutt approaches SEO with science, expertise, and integrity. We're reinventing how SEO happens at scale.


Strategy informed by a data-driven aggregation of results. A fact-checking (and citing) culture that led to our proprietary audits. Always challenging assumptions for a better way.


Full transparency over the tools, processes, and raw data. Not run by salespeople, interns, or resold. Real people that demonstrate empathy and efficiency.


Direct access to passionate, collaborative specialists. Decades of experience where national/international SEO is central. Deep industry knowledge in cloud and ecommerce.

SEO is crowded. Yet, when you strip away all who lack these three virtues, it starts to look pretty bare.

Our Values

It’s about PEEPL. We’re passionate digital professionals that work with empathy and efficiency. Always proud of the result, yet we stay lucid.

Meet The Team

Alexis Ty SEO

Alexis Ty

Digital Strategist
Alexis is a digital strategist with international experience in SEO and content marketing across a multitude of industries.

Amy Brueckman

Social Content Strategist
Amy holds a Master's degree in Arts Journalism from Syracuse University and an extensive background in web journalism and contact cultivation.
Amy Goldizen

Amy Goldizen

Digital Strategist
Amy has 5 years of experience in strategic digital marketing, content, and advertising partnerships with multi-million dollar B2B and B2C business organizations.
cara bowles

Cara Bowles

Content Specialist
Cara is a leverages an academic background in statistics and a decade in SEO/content marketing to produce fantastic content and processes.
christina coons

Christina Coons

Publicity Director
Christina leads the publicity team at Northcutt, managing the agency's collective network of journalists, bloggers, and podcast stars and the media opportunities that they present.

Corey Northcutt

Chief Executive Officer
Corey is a 3-time founder and 15+ year SEO veteran. He leverages a background in systems design to steer the company's vision.
dan silber

Dan Silber

Chief Marketing Officer
Dan Silber brings 15+ years experience in SEO and leadership in telecom & managed services marketing.

Gianna Scheuneman

Digital Publicist
Gianna holds a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Communication & Interactive Media Studies from North Central College. She holds an extensive background in marketing, public relations and journalism.

Graeme Caldwell

Content Specialist
Graeme is an Englishman with an English degree. He's seriously passionate about writing, especially when it comes to making tech-heavy topics seem interesting.
Josh Mann

Josh Mann

Staff Writer
Josh holds a graduate degree from Liberty University and is passionate about writing. Prior to writing SEO content, he spent five years as a high school English teacher.
Julie Merar

Julie Merar

Content Director
Julie Merar has 10+ years experience in technical and SEO content strategy across the ecommerce, B2B, B2C, and DTC landscapes.

Kris McNeely

Staff Writer
Kris has written optimized content for a variety of industries for more than 24 years.
matt ludtke

Matt Ludtke

Digital Strategist
Matt Ludtke is a digital strategist with 6+ years of experience in project management, web development, financial services, and broadcast media.
michael gursky

Michael Gursky

Digital Publicist
Michael is a long-time content creator and freelance writer. He holds a degree from DeSales University in Publishing Communications and Creative Writing.
Molly Schwichtenberg

Molly Schwichtenberg

Digital Strategist
Molly is a digital strategist with 7+ years of marketing & SEO experience in ecommerce, B2B, and B2C markets.

Nick Greene

Content Specialist
Armed with an English degree and an inborn passion for all things involving marketing and technology, Nick's been a full-time journalist and copywriter since 2010 -- and he's loved every moment of it.
Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi

Partnership Director
Robert is an open source executive, solution seller, evangelist, and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in sales and leadership with Fortune 50 to SMBs.

Ross Hewett-Smith

Digital Publicist
Ross is a PR professional that has earned clients coverage on sites like Huffington Post, Good Morning America, CNN, and more.

Sean Francis

Digital Strategist
Sean has 10+ years of experience in SEO and content marketing for ecommerce and b2c businesses.

Stephanie Lerner

Digital Publicist
Stephanie holds degrees in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Missouri. She previously drove the Planters NUTmobile nationwide.

Tim Winter

Digital Strategist
Tim has over 10 years of in-house and digital marketing agency experience with an emphasis on SEO, UX, and content strategy in healthcare.
Tony Notermann SEO

Tony Notermann

Digital Strategist
Tony is a strategist with six years of SEO experience across multiple industries.

Zac Harris

Chief Revenue Officer
Zac is a 2-time founder and has 7+ years of SEO & marketing experience in B2B, and B2C markets.

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