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How Many Outbound Links Per Word or Page? [Original Study]

If you google for an answer to how many outbound links you should be seeing on your pages, most answers fall into one of these categories: However many is most useful for users (okay, yeah, there’s truth there, but it’s not very useful, and everybody knows it’s not what you’re looking for) Less than 100,…

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Introducing the 1,200-step Inbound Marketing Audit

In September, we released our fact-checking resource of 260+ Google ranking factors, ranging from outright myths to facts that were directly confirmed and verified by testing. It did really well. But the biggest complaint, which is actually the same complaint that I see towards basically every piece of content on SEO, content marketing, and so-forth,…

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How We Multiplied Traffic by 5X in a Month using One Piece of Content

In July, I shared an update an update that foreshadowed a pivot around here. One where we would focus more on web traffic. I also shared our own traffic graph spanning the course of four years. Here it is again: It goes up, which I’d expect from well-executed content marketing. When you publish and promote…

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September’s Best SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Content

This month we’re making a change in the roundup. From here on out, we will be ending each monthly collection of articles with some sort of Simpsons tribute video. After all this time, they’ve earned permanent “Best of” status. Getting to the SEO, content marketing, and social media worlds, there was a lot of epic…

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Looking To Appeal To Your Audience? Check Your Attitude First

Let’s face it – the Internet is a very angry place. From the vitriol present in pretty much any average YouTube comment thread to the concerted harassment campaign directed at former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, rage and indignation seem to be two of the default emotions online, and negativity seems to be a fact of…

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Bridging The Gap Between Content Marketing And Web Design

A piece written by Business 2 Community’s Ashley Taylor Anderson recently piqued my interest. It concerns a divide that all-too-often happens in the world of web marketing. I’m speaking, of course, about the antagonism that frequently rises between web designers and content creators. I’ve spent my fair share of time working with web designers. For…

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Fox’s On Demand Advertising Is A Definite Step In The Right Direction

Starting this week, Fox rolled out a new digital advertising model for its Internet platforms. Previously, fans watching the network’s shows online were treated to an ad structure more or less identical to what they’d find on TV – ten minutes of ads total, stretched out across the entire runtime. Now, however, they’re trying something…

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What Marketers Can Learn From Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Ad Campaign

Game developer Bethesda hit fans hard in June. Towards the beginning of the month – and only a few weeks before the global Electronic Entertainment Expo; the largest conference in gaming – it slammed down one of the most exciting announcements it’s made in a while: a new installment in the immensely popular Fallout series….

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What’s Google Shooting For With Its Alphabet Reboot?

A couple weeks back, Google made a pretty stunning announcement to the world: it’s being rebranded. The company that essentially invented the world of search engine marketing; the company that owns Android and YouTube and scores of other highly-successful ventures is undergoing a reorganization and renaming the broader company (not the search engine and some…

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August’s Best SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media

Since our last roundup, had the most successful post in the history of our site. So that was cool. Our Google Ranking Factors list, which we have included below, includes a number of filters to help you work your way¬†through the noise and separate SEO fact from fiction. Check it out when you get…

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