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August’s Best SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media

Since our last roundup, had the most successful post in the history of our site. So that was cool. Our Google Ranking Factors list, which we have included below, includes a number of filters to help you work your way through the noise and separate SEO fact from fiction. Check it out when you get…

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How Often Should You Update Your Site’s Appearance?

I’ll be frank here. I’m a writer, not a graphic designer or web designer. I just sort of hammer words down onto a page, and hope they look pretty when they finally get published. Even so, the other day I had a thought. See, the Internet is all about making a great first impression –…

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hotdogemoji coalition

How a Small Hot Dog Shop (Almost) Started the Hot Dog Emoji

UPDATE: Hot dog emoji will be part of iOS 9.1. Read more information on the monumental decision here. Thanks to everyone who made this happen! A good idea is often the lucky result of a chain of random events and just the right amount of motivation to see it through. And maybe, just maybe, a couple of beers…

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Five Things Celebrities Can Teach Us About Reputation Management

Today, we’re going to try something a little different. We’re going to take a look at a few celebrities, and how they’ve engaged with the digital world around them. I’m going somewhere with this, trust me. See, here’s the thing about superstars. They didn’t get to where they are solely by accident. On some level,…

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ranking architect

The Trouble with Ranking Factor Lists

Alphabet, Inc. chairman Eric Schmidt told us Google ranks sites based on 200 factors. But then he told us that those signals were super secret.   Bing, in kind, said that they rank by 1,000 factors. And Google responded saying basically that they meant 10,000.   All the while, SEO professionals have been dreaming up…

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Turns Out Google’s Hiring An SEO Expert To Improve Its Own Rankings

And now, for some of the most bizarre news you’ll likely hear today – Google is looking to hire an SEO manager. No, they aren’t looking to bring someone on board to help them improve their algorithms or further optimize their search engine. They’re legitimately looking for help improving the SEO of their product pages.

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Facebook Pages Messaging: Now Page Admins Can Respond Privately To Customers

Facebook’s latest announcement concerns those of you who manage one of the 40 million Pages on Facebook. Facebook’s latest set of admin tools, called Pages Messaging, will soon give Page admins the ability to reply to customer’s comments on posts with a private message. Currently the only option to Page admins when a user reaches…

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computer-keyboard-1188763 (1)

July’s Best Content Marketing, SEO, and Social Media

Sorry all you dot-experts out there. In July, Google addressed the confusion around the new gLTDs and ruled they hold no more rankings sway than any other domain extensions. You’ll actually have to earn your expert status the old-fashioned way if you want the rankings that come along with it. Also big news from July…

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Social Media Lessons from The Wire

The Wire  is unarguably the greatest television show ever produced. It has been described as Dickensian by many and I agree. It is the most nuanced, complete, uncompromising, and honest portrayal of an American city that has ever invaded our televisions. David Simon addresses the urban experience in Baltimore with a deft wit and poignant observation reminiscent of Dickens’…

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5 Reasons We’re So Obsessed With List Headlines

If you look at the most popular articles online at any given moment, there’s a very good chance that they’re of two kinds: news and lists. For some reason, we’re completely obsessed with compartmentalizing our information, splitting it into easily-digestible, numbered lists. Today, I’d like to examine why. What exactly is it about the list…

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