Why Advice On How To Create Content Can Only Take You So Far

If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably read at least one piece dictating how you should create content. There’s no shortage of advice to that effect, after all. The web’s filled with people who believe their creative process is the right one. Here’s the thing that makes all this disparate advice confusing – none…

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Content Creators: Always Check Your Facts

There’s an old saying in┬átabloid journalism: “never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” Unfortunately, it seems like lately, the line between tabloids and legitimate publications is starting to become a little blurred. I’m going to come right out and say it: if you’re a content creator, you need to make…

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April 2015: Best SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

Mobile. The word of the month is mobile. And why not? Everything is going mobile these days. People of all ages shop on their phones and tablets, they read the news on their phones and tablets, and they play games on their phones and tablets. Who doesn’t have a Words with Friends playing grandparent? And…

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Are You In A Creative Rut? Here Are A Few Ways To Recharge

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you know you’ve the capacity to do your job, but for some reason, your mind simply won’t cooperate. You’re left staring at your computer screen, dimly wondering how you’ll make your deadlines. In essence, it’s as though your creative well has simply dried up. Don’t panic – you’re just…

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The Ad Campaign For Ava Demonstrates Exactly How NOT To Engage With Your Audience

I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet, but there was a rather interesting ad campaign being run on tinder a few weeks back during SXSW. Basically, there was this girl named Ava who started using the app in Austin. She was from New York; she was a twenty-five year old aspiring artist and a lover…

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8 Habits of Successful Bloggers

It seems like everyone and their mom has a blog these days. Blogging is something that many people get excited about as soon as they start, but that excitement can fizzle out. According to a study by Technorati in 2008, 95% of blogs created have now been abandoned. If you want to keep your site…

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Planning Your Batch Writing Sessions To Maximize Productivity

Hey there, folks! Hope Monday’s finding you well! Now, I’m certain you’ve all heard of batch writing – a content creation strategy that basically involves occasional marathon writing sessions as opposed to a more frequent routine. A few weeks back I wrote about Pamela Wilson’s Seven Lessons Learned From Three Years Of Content Creation. Today,…

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How Has Facebook’s Click Bait Rule Changed Internet Marketing?

Today, as with last week, we’re going to be talking about bounce rate. This time, however, we’re refocusing things a bit. We’re going to examine how bounce rate comes into play on sites like Facebook – and how that in turn has ‘bounced back’ to impact marketing as a whole. Now, at this point, it…

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March 2015: Best SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

Since our last roundup, Google announced that the mobile search algorithm is going to have a major update on April 21st. If you’ve been paying attention, this should also come as no surprise. But if you didn’t know this was coming, being the benevolent rounders up of content that we are, we have included some…

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Why Erin Everhart’s View On SEO As Marketing is Dangerous

Okay, there are a lot of trip mines in this topic, so I’m going to need to be careful where I step. Let me quote something Erin Everhart recently said in a post at Search Engine Land: First, the easy one: Marketing is educating potential customers about your product or service and persuading them to…

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